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Democracy Day: Archbishop Warns Politicians Against Past Mistakes


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AS Nigeria celebrates 15 years of uninterrupted democracy, Anglican Archbishop, Most Rev’d Friday Imaekhai has cautioned politicians to be wary of pit-falls that truncated previous democracies in the country.

Imaekhai who is the Archbishop of Bendel Province, advised politicians to refrain from utterances and acts with potentials of creating serious crisis in the polity, adding that they must understand the environment under which democracy could thrive.

According to him, Nigeria being a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, required its citizens to respect the sanctity of human life by avoiding violence, while upholding the tenets of the Rule of Law.

He expressed optimism that the on-going national conference would achieve its desired objectives, but urged the delegates to put the interest of the nation above ethnic or regional sentiments.

On the 2015 general elections, the religious leader said though the polls appear like a looming danger, God would make it peaceful.

“While we do not pray for the break-up of the country, it is true that the signs of break-up are eminent or looks threatening, but with God you would see that things would not go the way people are expecting, because God has a mission for this country.

“For the America prediction not to come to pass there is the need for sanity and respect for opposing teams. When elections are conducted according to the rules, those who lost should accept it.

“Many Nigerians don’t want to accept elections result, and so they always want to look for a way of causing trouble when they lose. I feel that the attitude of Nigerians should change after 15 years of democracy, this time”, he admonished.

He advised the media to use their instruments to foster the unity of the country, while exhibiting care in the reportage of inflammatory statements that could cause the nation to derail, noting that as stakeholders, progress of the nation should be paramount to the fourth estate.

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