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Nelson Mandela: Learning From His Legacies


Every July 18, the world stands still to mark the birth of this great Icon. A man who has fought, not only for his country, but for the entire mankind. .

Art Alive

Pedagogy Of Visual Journalism...


*BE AUDACIOUS The initial concept for the mega-long cartoon was conceived inside the Press Room of the 2012 World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden, while journalists from different countries battled with their laptops, notebooks, i-pads and the internet facilities in the Press room to send stories home to their media outfits

View Point

Understanding Who You Are


TO start with, I discovered myself through my mentor Dr. Proctor. I am myself and I am whom I am by virtue of this well-respected motivational speaker in the United States of America.


Paedophilia: Watchout, Every Man Has The Potential!


My, Oh my! Hell has no fury as a woman scorned! Did you listen to the Nollywood genius, and superstar, Stella Damasus-crying her heart out in the media, showering all manner of invectives at the he-goats (that's borrowing her word) at the hell - O chambers (not hallowed anymore) over the child marriage issue?


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Friday August 06, 2013

As I See It

Seeking Votes By Force, The
Game Plan For 2015


NIGERIA has invented a new political system that seems to thrive on threats and impositions rather than appealing to the better sentiments of the people; added to this is a political elite that sustains itself in power by threats of violence.

Cutting Edge

Edo 2016: What The APC Must Do (1)

By Obuseh Jude

This is a triple pronged series. Part 1 examines how the All Progress Congress metamorphosed into the ruling political party in Edo State. Part 2 focuses on the key stratagem that has so far given the party the competitive edge it currently enjoys over its rivals.


Between The African Child And A Bleak Future


CHILDREN in every human society are regarded as precious gifts to the human race. The position and nature of children make them vital components of the society.


The Nigerian Education Bank Bill

The Nigerian Education Bank Bill which has passed second reading at the Federal House of Representatives, as explained by the initiator, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila proposes to establish the Nigerian Education Bank, with the primary duty of granting interest-free loans to poor students seeking higher education in Nigeria.


A Cop On Philanthropic Mission

When the Benin royal monarch, Oba Erediauwa's birthday celebration activities which took place recently kicked-off, some patriotic Benin sons and daughters decided to key into the commemorative atmosphere by initiating some private Laudable inovetion in solidarity with the revened monarch.


Youths Are Agents Of Evangelism

By Rev. Fr. John Damian AdizIE
Representatives of youths all over the world gathered at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from July 23 to 28 to celebrate the 14th annual World Youth Day. This year's WYD was presided over by his Holiness, Pope Francis. The general theme of this year's WYD is "Go and make disciples of all nations", an inspiration taken from Matthew 28:19.


Nigeria To Host Girl Guides, Scouts Conference


LAGOS- Nigeria will host the 10th Regional Africa Conference of World Association of Girl Guides and Scouts (WAGGGS) from August 11 - 17, a statement has said.

The statement, issued by the Chief Commissioner of the Nigerian Girl Guides, Dame Christie Tobi in Lagos has said the conference would hold in Lagos.

Tobi said the conference was usually held every three years in one of the member countries in Africa and Nigeria would be hosting it for the first time.

“We expect to discuss issues bordering on development of the girl-child and young women the world over.

“Of primary concern are ways of instilling leadership values in the girls and the young women as well as means of empowering them through qualitative education and discovering in-built skills.

“We are worried about some of the harsh conditions that the girl-child and the young women are subjected to all in the name of tradition or beliefs.

“If we do not rise against such injustice now, it might be detrimental to the quest for advancement and development of our nations, no matter which way we want to look at it” , she said.

Tobi said the theme of the conference is: African Young Women; Soaring Towards Excellence.

She added that the Chairperson, African Union Commission, Dr Dlamini Zuma, is expected to be the keynote speaker.

She said conference would bring together representatives from 31 member countries of the African region and partners of the association.

Activities planned for the weeklong conference include workshops, consultations, exchange of ideas on best practises as well as contributions on strategic directions for the region.

WAGGGS is the largest voluntary movement dedicated to the development of girls and young women in the world.

The mission of the association is to enable girls and young women to develop their potential to the fullest as responsible citizens of the world.