Saturday , August 15 2020

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  1. OSHO OPEYEMI PRECIOUS;MASS COMMUNICATION-the writer has really tried in trying to explain african communication system but is best was not enough he didnt go explain the objectives of communication,in my own point of view it is perhaps the most important way by which the rurality communicate among themselves and with others so despite the advent of the modern day media in africa the use of traditional guesses is still very much common and adaptable and acceptable and recognisable by the people.

  2. Oluwaremilekun Oluwoye

    As a mass communicator I will access this article by saying that the writer really tried to explain African communication system,the writer explained that we have both human and animal systems, and numerous other systems and the writer toughly explained the human communication system.In my own words African communication system is the means through which Africans use their own indigenous and original means to transmit ideas and information to one another on a daily basis.

  3. samson lydia odion

    The African communication system can be defined as the most important way by which the rural people of Africa communicate among themselves and others. they use various methods such as verbal and non verbal the verbal includes spoken words,narratives,mythology and the non verbal includes body language/gestural communication,facial communication,eye contacts and touch
    100 level, mass communication, Caleb university.


    Communication systems are concerned with the transfer of information from one location to another through the use of instruments, body languages or other senses of the body. AFRICAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is the means through which africans use their own indigenous and original means to transmit opinions, ideas and information to one another regularly. COMMUNICATION simply means exchanging informations. A few examples are talking, gestural signs, smoke signals, quotes, memes, etc. African communication system is very unique because it is understood by members of a community, it uses symbols, values and indigenous institutions; which enhances messages effectiveness, etc. From general point of view, AFRICAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM is seen as a traditional mode of communication and it is indigenous.

  5. oluwaloni oluwanishola

    As a mass communication student of Caleb university and with the knowledge acquired from my African communication systems lecturer, I can add that this article has tried in explaining the fact that we have different systems and that the means of communication are through the mouth, taste, touch etc

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