Sunday , May 3 2020

Police Declare Asemota Ofure Joel wanted for Homosexual Activities

The Nigerian Police Force has declare one Asemota Ofure Joel wanted for his involvement in alleged homosexual activities which is enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution and purnishable by law in Nigeria with a jail term of 14 years if found guilty.

It was gathered that the said Asemota Ofure Joel started having this feeling of homosexuality at a tender age and grew up with it and started to involve himself in the act with several sexual partners growing up and successfully kept it away from family members, friends and neighbors knowing that the act is abominable, shameful, not acceptable and against the culture, tradition and norms of the society.

Investigation revealed that Asemota Ofure Joel was caught in the act on Easter Monday the 16th day of April 2015 with his gay lover, one Tunde Badmus who is in police detention helping them with vital information that will lead to the arrest of Asemota Ofure Joel who is on the run for the alleged crime of homosexuality.

Report had it that the gay lover Asemota Ofure Joel and Tunde Badmus went out on a date to celebrate the Easter and both came back to the apartment Tunde Badmus shared with his parents drunk. They began having sex without properly locking the door and Tunde Badmus’ mother entered the room to meet her son with Asemota Ofure Joel naked on the bed and she screamed to attract her husband who is a police officer and a no nonesense man who came in with other people and Asemota Ofure Joel knowing who Tunde Badmus father is quickly escaped before been caught.

A reliable source who identified himself as Osas Stanley claimed to know Asemota Ofure Joel very well in Edo State saying he did similar thing in his Oza Abikular community in Edo State over a year ago (March 2014) and escaped from the law. He said his father caught him in the shameful act with his long time lover one Bright Osakpolor who he grew up with.

“His father locked him up for two days while his gay lover Bright Osakpolor escaped. His father disowned him and the youths stripped Asemota Ofure Joel naked, beaten and taken round the market square as the act was seen as abomination to the people of the community.

The youth planned killing him but an elder prevailed on them not to but hand him over to the police and let Justice take its course but Asemota Ofure Joel manages to escape before the police arrived”.

The source said he is shocked and surprised that he is still in the act of homosexuality after nearly been killed when he was first caught in Edo State.

“As I speak now Bright (his lover in Edo State) has also manage to escape but his family got a report that he died in the Mediterranean Sea trying to Cross to Europe to escape Justice”.


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  1. Aww I feel sorry for him… Keep running or else you will face 14 years in prison

  2. Aww what a tragedy for the boy

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