Saturday , June 20 2020

Ogboni Cult Declare Late Member’s Son Wanted For Refusing Membership

BENIN CITY:- The Reformed Ogboni Confraternity, a dreaded secret cult, has declared one Emeka Abiamuwe wanted dead or alive for refusing to be enlisted and initiated into the cult group having attained 18 years of age.

Emeka Abiamuwe is the first son of his father, Mr. Isaiah Abiamuwe who until his death was a top-ranking member of the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity Cult in Benin City, Edo State.

Although Emeka Abiamuwe is an indigene of Idumesah Community in Delta State, he was born and brought up in Benin City, Edo State.

Investigation by The NIGERIAN OBSERVER revealed that Emeka Abiamuwe’s predicament started as soon as he clocked 18 years of age, March, 2017.

Emeka Abiamuwe was shocked when he was told that his late father was a top-ranking member of the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity by a group of men, who he (Emeka Abiamuwe), thought were visitors to their residence but unknown to him that they were members of the daedly secret cult.

The Ogboni members there and then told Emeka Abiamuwe that he must be initiated into the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity Cult in order to fulfill the rule and oath of the cult group which states that the first son of any member who clocks 18 years of age automatically join the membership of the cult, The NIGERIAN OBSERVER scooped.

Confused by this disturbing revelation, Emeka Abiamuwe appealed to the Ogboni Cult members to allow him some time to consider the shocking reality after which he would get back to them and the appeal was accepted by the Ogboni cult members.

This print medium learnt from further investigation that after waiting for some days without hearing from his son (Emeka Abiamuwe), another group of the Ogboni cult members paid another visit to the family residence of the Mr. Isaiah Abiamuwe, and discovered that all other family members had escaped to an unknown destination.

The Reformed Ogboni Confraternity members were seriously angered by the abscondment of the Abiamuwe family members from their residence. Consequently, Emeka Abiamuwe was declared wanted dead or alive by the deadly cult group.

As at the time of filing this report, the whereabouts of Abiamuwe family members, especially Emeka Abiamuwe, who is the major target of the cult group is unknown.


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  1. Is a big lie ROF will never look for the son to replace is father’s big lie Opera Mini I said is a lie call me is a big lie 07010156571

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