• Bakare

    Disgusting I hate all those gay and lesbian people o. No need to report to police. You should have let your brothers beat the hell out of her lol. Dirty habit

  • John Obaseki

    God bless you my dear for exposing that foolish girl. It was right you reported to the police but next time let your brothers beat her to death. Foolish devilish girl. Man don finish?

  • Eugene Dubem

    Hmmmm wonders shall never end, this homo people are becoming very bold ooo, it looks like the 14yr imprisonment is no longer scaring them, maybe they have their bisexual partners among our corrupt politicians. Better still catch and kill before police arrive. no time abeg. Nonsense!.

  • Ben

    Na so oooo they are really becoming bold and honestly dem nor dey fear the 14years again. Bihari pls pass a law to kill on sight maybe then they will know how sinful and shameful this act is.

  • Evi

    Just look at how a human being is saying Kill! Kill! another fellow, without sympathy and I’m sure most of you saying this are Christians. When did our hearts become this cold and callous, I’m never in support of Lesbianism but Jungle Justice is not the way. Let the police do their job and let’s pray for this people and for Nigeria too. My opinion pls.

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