• deetruuth

    This situation at the mine is the mother of most problems in Nigeria. In a country with true rule of law, a President, Governor, chairman or politicians can’t ORDER the arrest of any individual. Arrest, lock up, prosecution etc…, are the sole function of institutions backed up by law. No one should have the power to order the arrest of any individual as this amount to been above the law.

    Nigeria is on a cross road and a forward looking business oriented governor like that of Edo state, must be able to push for laws to make the state business friend. The governor’s mission can only succeed in an environment where states and counties have in place a business friendly security apparatus to nurture and maintain law and order to allow business prosper, build wealth, create employment and protect life and property.

    Georgia and many states in the U S, have no main-state natural resources to provide cheap money. Their resources comes mainly from business taxes that are been propel by good business laws made by state and local government and protected by state, counties and city law enforcement agencies. The FBI is invited on a need bases or when federal crime is involve.

    The present situation whereby security apparatus is dictated from Abuja in-spite of the obvious failures or shortcomings with this arrangement, shows the present leaders lack foresight and an obstacle to the true potential of the Nigerian state. Without local law enforcement, answerable to state and local government to protect their business interest, they will continue to go cap in hand to the almighty Abuja to beg for a portion of the dwindling oil wealth. This is Dee Truuth……

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