Monday , February 24 2020

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  1. This is absolutely wrong, homosexuality is an insult to our history, our culture, our tradition, our religious beliefs and even our law prohibits this act. Yet people like this travel outside the world and bring shame to us. He can’t try this nonsense in Abuja.

  2. Jesus !!!! Even the UK who are so confused have always persecuted gay men. Why now are they encouraging and harbouring these demonic men, These people needs to be wiped off our land for our the land to be clean… I have said mine!!

  3. These men!!! I’m of the opinion that these men are sick. Who’s in agreement with me?

  4. Leviticus 20 :13,
    if a man lies with another man like a woman. They should be put to death and their blood is upon them.
    This shameless guys and all these gay men will not be exempted.

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