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The Complete Off-Season Football Workout Plan

During the winter break of the football season, you have all of the necessary time to prepare for the next season. You can’t afford to take back a seat and hope that your coach will automatically mark you out in the coming year. The winter months present an opportunity to work out and improve your performance. It is your responsibility to take advantage of it and get ahead of your peers. To do so, you need an excellent workout plan. The ultimate objective of your workout is to increase your football strength. If you are targeting some real gains, here is a complete off-season football workout plan that will make you better.

Endurance and stability

During the competition season, you probably had a few injuries and muscle imbalances. The endurance and stability workout phase should help you correct that and establish a heavy lifting foundation. This workout phase focuses on core balance and strength stability, body weight, and more. What you need to do is focus on high reps and low intensity. At this phase, you need to be patient but go hard. You’ll undoubtedly be using a lighter weight that will prepare you for the next challenge.

Endurance and strength

At this stage, you are actively preparing for advanced exercises. It would help if you increased your strength most effectively. Focus on strength movement at this juncture. The reps and sets should be somewhat moderate. What you need to achieve is formidable endurance and strength. While still working on building endurance and strength, you can consider supplementing your workouts and diet with steroids for better results. Injectable steroids from a reputable Source can help you reach new milestones at this point. As you continue to lift heavy weights, your body will build endurance.

Building muscle

When it comes to building muscles, you need to cut down fats and build on your strength. This will help you execute hard tackles against your opponents. Increase the sets and decrease your reps. See to it that you do at least two major body exercises per body part and target the major muscle groups.

Maximum strength training

If you want to outmatch, outrun, and outmuscle your opponents, you should maximize your strength training. At this stage, a full-body routine is required. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Start using the heaviest weights that your body can handle. For each exercise, 2 or 3 sets are enough. Since the weights are tremendously heavy, the circumstance may force you to perform one rep per exercise.

Power training

Power training is the final phase of your workout plan. It should leave in great shape to take on the oncoming season. It would be best if you transitioned your fitness into game speed. Whichever workout you do, try to do it much faster with a lot of force. Be it power exercises or strength exercises, ensure that the movements are explosive.

When the football season goes into the winter break, it is not time to relax and eat junk. While your counterparts are busy vacationing and partying, please return to the gym and follow the workout plan we have described above. And when the season returns, you will be a force to be reckoned with.


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