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  1. u guys don’t mind this edo governor is just saying out of ignorant

    • You people that are not from Edo state should stop insulting our governor because you don’t know what is really going on in the state. Just like I cannot understand what is going on in other states..

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  3. Dear Sir/Ma,
    A Letter of Request to become a writer in your widely read newspaper
    Kindly accept my commendation for you working very hard with a lot of reporting, conducting research, which is timely with your various report writing, this is a plus too your reader at large.
    On this note that I would like to impart valuable information to your readers about hope on relationship, steps to take to overcome all evil forces and evil impart of the devils mitigating the youth of not making it through in their failed love relationship, what to do too overcome and the way forward. Having a lot of experiences. I want to appreciate Mrs Bunmi Sofola of Vanguard Newspapers, the Editor of Daily trust Newspaper that have given the oppournity to publish and edit my work and this is a plus too the effect.
    The title will be Creating room on love / V ision or dreams of Love

    On the other aspect Voice of the peasant farmers / Peasant Farmers in Nigeria
    Many farmers are facing a lot of issues mitigating their various agricultural production and this is noted in the areas of poor yields and not getting through and added to the difficult of adding value, processing and getting market information for the agricultural prices and this have hinder them too make profits at the end of the day and this call for a serious attention on this I feel that will need to talk to the Government, the donor agency too help them and make agriculture too be a lucrative business at large. And presently agricultural practices are not attracting the youths and they see agricultural production as a poor man’s work. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Farm Management and Extension in Ahamdu Bello University Zaria and I develop interest on promoting the welfare of the peasant farmers.

    I will be ready to discuss further and also want to know the different requirement becoming a weekly writer new column in your widely read newspaper and thanking in advance for this oppournity and more sales will locate your organization and keep on moving across the globe and never be moved with life issues. You will arrive at your life expectation at large and make it through out. Once again a million thanks
    Thanks and best regards hope to read your mail.. As soon as possible
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr Michael Adedotun Oke
    Founder Michael Adedotun Oke Foundation Plot 232 Kaida Along Old Kuntunku Gwagwalada P.O.Box 11611,Garki,Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria, Chairman Maof Barbing Saloon. And President Agric- Link Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.
    +2348027142077, +2348188554446
    A member of Federal Capital Territory Union Of Journalism

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    kindly avail me your Lagos office address and contact detail. I want to buy a back issue of your esteemed Newspaper.

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    SUIT NO : K/517/2012



    In view of the above, LAFARGE AFRICAN PLC should pay ASHARATUL MUBASHISHIRUN the sum of
    (₦159,394,646,21k) One Hundred and Fifty Nine Million Three Hundred and Ninety four Thousand , Six Hundred and Forty Six Naira, Twenty One Kobo. LAFARGE AFRICAN PLC is a dependent is thirty six (36) cases, the total claim against their company including all its subsidiaries is (₦1,002 415, 221, 959, 29K) One Trillion, Two Billion, Four Hundred And Fifteen Million, Two Hundred And Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred And Fifty Nine Naira And Twenty Nine Kobo, these doesn’t not include other liabilities.

    However we don’t know what grounds, basic the Lafarge Africa PLC solicitors are of the opinion that these claims would not have an adverse effect.
    We need to have opinion of other private solicitors, to have financial analysis, stock brokers’ e.t.c

    There is need or urgent need for the Federal Government Of Nigeria to instruct or direct concerned authorities and agencies (The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), The Debt Management Office Nigeria, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, National Intelligence Agency (NIA), State Security Service (SSS), The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) to carry out holistic investigation on all liabilities of Larfage Africa PLC No 27B Gerrard Ikoyi Lagos Using all apparatus.
    This is because liabilities against Lafarge Africa PLC including all their subsidiaries thrown all its Creditors including their entire staff and other stakeholders out of business were also thrown into psychological disequilibrium and financial disturbances that causes serious effect of economic depression and multi percentage discreet.
    This holistic investigation will protect share holders not to be put into situation.

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  7. Dr. Bamidele Adeoye

    I have an article titled: Religiosity and Failed African States I would like to be published in your paper.
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  8. Dr. Bamidele Adeoye

    I have an article titled Religiosity and Failed African States, I would like to be published in your paper.
    It is roughly five pages (1968 word) long, and please send the responsible contact.

    Think and stay safe

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  10. Dear Nigerian Observer Chief Editor and Leaders

    Thank you for publishing my book, “A Self Approach to Managing Diabetes” by then Mercy Mammah (now Dr. Mercy Mammah Popoola) over 30 years ago that gave me the money to get my flight ticket to the USA. I was then an Instructor at Eku Baptist School of Nursing, Eku. I graduated First in my Class and also received the Best Bed Side Nurse Award.

    Impact: I will not be where I am today if not for The Observer publishing my first book and helping to launch it which, raised the fund for my America trip. I owe part of my success to The Observer and I have always got my Nigeria news from The Observer my entire time in the USA.

    The Purpose of this communication is to keep a promise I made to myself 30 years ago that if I ever want to return to Nigeria I will come and give back through the Nigeria Observer if possible and, I am ready to do just that for free to my country of birth. I am also now an American.

    Let me get to The Point, America is in Crisis and Our World is at a Cross Road! This is a great time to help bring Nigerians back to help build Nigeria for the coming centuries and I can help facilitate the process for others in America and Europe. I have traveled to twenty-four (24) European countries and I know that many Nigerians wants to come back and help if ……

    As a New Yorker who is a global traveler (over 80 countries) for now, I can share many reasons why NYC is infected with the highest cases of COVID -19 like Italy, UK, Spain, etc. and why Nigeria/African countries have been practically spared. Also, as a holistic health care Leader and Provider with a PhD with over 35 years’ experience, I understand a lot about health and wealth and can help my Nigerians in many ways especially with healthcare providers and educators with this global crisis. I can also help with many Online Technologies.

    In my recent book published in Amazon October 2019– NYC Praxis FIRE Prescriptions I wrote my observations of NYC and this is what I wrote at the back of the book:

    —–America is not the best country because many can get free housing, free food, free education, free health care, free sex, free welfare checks, free lawyers, free legal abortions, and so many other free things. America is the best country because of the many freedoms we enjoy, including the freedom to work hard, retire early, and speak freely to some extent. This inspiring memoir is about all of the above plus how I overcame challenges and obstacles to achieve the American dream. The book is also about healthy happy living in Manhattan, downsizing, love, sex, saving for retirement, traveling, Social Security, taxes, medical misdiagnosis, indoctrination, and letting go in NYC by using praxis and FIRE thinking – Prescriptions. Sadly, NYC – Manhattan is very dirty physically, literally, legally, figuratively, financially, politically, culturally, environmentally, socially, and metaphorically. —–

    I will be glad to pay my own way to come to Nigeria any time this year as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted or offer my services via ONLINE platform for free. I am an Expert in using Online Platforms and I know about safe, affordable, and effective technologies.

    Please take a minute to review the book online and I will be glad to bring copies if needed for free. As written in the book, I want to help tell the truth about America or Nigeria and why we should be proud as Nigerians irrespective of some of the issues surrounding Blacks. More importantly, I want to help re-shape the future of Nigeria via simple praxis preventive perspective or strategies for Health/Wealth for all ages.

    Yes, I want to seat down with the Head of Nigeria Observer to discuss options and I am not looking to be paid. I used to be a Bendelite before Itsekiri was places in Delta State which does not mean much to me. We are all Nigerian.

    The web site for the book NYC Praxis Fire Prescriptions is

    Thank you,
    Dr. Mercy Popoola

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  12. Good day sir,
    My name is Julius Topohozin, a graduate of English at the University of Ibadan. I am a writer, a poet and a blogger. I am writing primarily to request the opportunity and a platform to have my flash fiction stories featured on a weekly basis on your newspaper as you may deem fit. It will be a delight and opportunity to reach a wider audience with the stories which are intended to teach and also to entertain readers. Find sample copies of the stories for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


    Dust flew in furious escape into the air at the school field where they had all gathered with the culprit in their midst. Some shouted one thing, others another. The whole place was held in pandemonium and they were divided on what was to be done to the offender. The loudest voice, however, among the crowd is her husband who is fully in support of the punishment.

    No one is letting her go just yet but they all agreed that a punishment be meted out to her.

    She has desecrated the land’, cried one voice

    ‘She deserves to die’, spat another.

    She was the only naked person in their midst. A young lady, tall, slim. Despite the weal and blotches of blood all over her naked body, she is a rare beauty. Her hands covered her face as she wept. While the noise increased, some let their hands wonder carelessly to touch the luscious pair that were her breasts. Others fondled in their mind with the thought of how she was going to taste in bed if she were to be alone with them. Majority of the people had even picked up stones to finish the whore caught in adultery.

    ‘It is just this once’, he begged, his voice husky with lust as he tried again and again to unroll her unyielding wrapper from her beaded waists.
    ‘What if…if… someone is watching us’, she asked, taking a firm hold at her wrapper while darting her eyes about the room, the humid afternoon sun stealing a look through an opening in the window that was shut tight. She was torn between yielding and caution. Only Eze, not even Emefiele her husband knew how to make her scream in spasm of unending pleasure each time they held their mutual exchange in the secrecy of the night, in the empty classrooms. They had to move their nightly tango away from the school premises because the gate keeper was demanding more money for letting the classrooms to them and also, the old man was beginning to talk to much after rounds of alcohol.
    ‘No one will know’, he assured. His face now covered in perspiration. He went to check the door again as if to assure her that they were beyond detection.

    They had gone only three rounds when the door suddenly came under heavy attack with loud bangs. They were startled, disengaged and quickly scrambled for their clothes. There were angry voices behind the door.
    ‘We know both of you are there’, a sinister voice announced punctuating each word with a bang.
    She developed stomach ache, headache and nausea all at once because the voice that spoke was all too familiar to her. More so, she knew what will happen to her. No, to them.

    She darted about the room behind him, all the while flapping both hands in rapid succession with a slow inaudible whimper, an omen that she had fallen fatally into the trap trouble had set for her.
    He rushed to the window but a bang at it sent him back to the bed. There were people there too. There was only one way out. The door.

    He crashed into them after unlatching the door then ramming all of his bulky frame against it. Before they could hold him down, he was gone like lightning before the clap of thunder.

    His pace was rapid, a visible testament to the anger burning in his veins propelling him to the mad man he wanted to decapitate with a machete held in one hand. Trailing behind him is his wife who was crying and holding a little girl of about three who was walking painfully as though the ground beneath her feet was burning with fire.

    They were inching close to the open field where more people had gathered debating the right punishment to be given to her because they had not reached a consensus yet.
    ‘You can’t punish her alone’, someone shouted.
    ‘That is true’, a loud angry voice shot back in response from the distance. Everyone turned to where the voice had emanated.

    The sparkle of the sun on the machete made the people cautiously take some steps backward until Ogbonna was in the middle breathing heavily. There was sudden silence that held the lips of the onlookers in check except for some whispers here and there.
    ‘Hold that bastard’, he snarled with a voice that sounded like a bomb and then pointed in the direction of Emefiele who, suddenly realizing what was coming, made to run but two strong arms held him firmly. Without saying a word, he carried his daughter of three years, spread her legs apart, he showed the people what Emefiele had done to her.

    There was a cacophony of disapproval from the people who either shouted ‘Tufiakwa’, ‘Jisos’, shock their shoulders or simply folded both arms on their chests in disdain. Even the offending wife was in shock too. Some women quickly covered her with their wrapper. After all, her offense is still pardonable even though it is punishable. But her husband’s is unspeakable!
    ‘There is no point punishing the wife further…’someone said after plastering two rapid slaps on the face of the new offender. Other people supported the motion in unison. The mob turned on him. A slap here, a kick there. In no time, Emefiele was crying and begging for forgiveness, blaming the action on the devil while being dragged to face the full wrath of the law at the police station.

    You knew you were doomed when he breath his last. You knew too that the patience you failed to allow in your marriage naturally came to you. You sat down weeping with your three young children, too young to be an orphan.

    You knew you killed him with your temper that was hotter than volcano. You monitored his movements. Made war with him when he came home from work later than 6pm. You accused him on mere suspicions about every woman that comes in contact with him. You also accused him of the beautiful secretary attached to his office. You were seething with rage when she came in almost every five minutes. She was beautiful, tall shapely with generous bosom and a voice that was softer than fleeces.
    ‘Would you like to have tea sir?
    ‘Would you like some cookies sir or should I make meat pies for you sir’.

    You were too angry to let her take him from you. So you gave her a piece of your tongue.

    ‘Stop that nonsense’, you shouted. Did they tell you I don’t know how to take care of my own husband?’

    Startled, she stared at you in shock, her mouth half open.

    You went on.

    What is wrong with ladies of nowadays? You think every man you see is meant for your taking?

    She wanted to explain that you misconstrued her actions but you would none of it.
    Your husband tried to intervene but you lash at him
    ‘Useless man! I know this is one out of many
    escapades you engage in.

    He too was in shock and fits of rage but you were not bothered and so you went on with your invective.
    ‘Whatever my husband is today was my hard work! No useless lady like yourself will come and reap where they have not sown’.
    You rose up at once dwarfing the innocent lady with your voice steeped in volcanic rage who had stooped down crying in mournful sobs.

    Other people came to reason with you but you hauled insults at them. You moved towards her, intending to beat her up. But your husband prevented you, standing between you and the sobbing lady.

    That didn’t stop you from calling her a prostitute and all sorts of unprintable names. She didn’t even respond to any of your injurious words out of respect for your husband.

    Embarrassed and enraged, your husband ordered you out of his office. But before you left, you promised to make him pay for taking you for granted with other women.

    When he eventually came home, you gave him the part two of the show down. He didn’t say a word but avoided you altogether. He wouldn’t touch your food nor sleep in the same bed with you. But you were least concerned. After all, he did not send you packing. Even if he did, you knew you wouldn’t bulge.
    You watched him withdraw into self, managing little smile he could with the children. You had become a stranger to him. That didn’t bother you one bit. As far as you were concerned, no husband of yours will make you end up like your mother.

    You were the only surviving child of your mother. You watched as your siblings die one after the other with small preventable sicknesses brought about by malnutrition. But your father was there. A mere shadow. Philandering his earnings with several women that he even brought to the house while your mother was battling to stay alive.

    You remembered her last words to you:
    ‘Never let any man take you for granted’. You nodded without understanding then. You watched her die in pain. That experience dug a deep wound that will never heal in your heart. You vowed you were never going to end up like your mother.

    It was your in-laws voice and the lawyer’s that brought you back to the present.
    You listened as he read the will that excluded you from owning anything that was his except of course his children who would come to ownership of all he had when they turn eighteen respectively.

    Your face turned pale and aghast with sudden sickness. You could not believe your ears at what was read out to your hearing. The only question forming in your mind found a way out of your lips.
    ‘How am I to take care of three children all by myself?
    Your husband’s most senior brother turned to the lawyer to ask:
    ‘Does that question have an answer in the will?
    You watched the lawyer chuckle at the sarcasm in your in-laws statement and then shook his head
    ‘What’, you screamed wiping the tears that had now gathered to humiliate you.
    ‘Where do you want me and your late brother’s children go to?’
    ‘You should have thought about that when you made his life a living hell, said the eldest male in-law that was mad with you from time immemorial.

    ‘How are we even sure the children are our brother’s? Olajumoke, the immediate sister of your late husband interjected, before submitting to tears. Her statement didn’t go without disapproval from other members of the family. But that didn’t assuage your anger.
    You were stunned. Wishing you could jump at Olajumoke and tear her into pieces. But you can’t, you are now at their mercies.
    When there was silence, the lawyer then read how the children were to be taken care of.

    Eniola your first daughter will go to live with Big Mummy, the most senior sister of your husband’s siblings who would be solely responsible for her upkeep.
    Your two sons Dare and Dayo would go to live with the eldest brother of your husband. You are free to visit at any time. But as to taking care of them yourself, the lawyer must see to it that you have the means. If that is not the case, everything remain as stated by your husband’s last wish.

    You didn’t know whether to scream in protest or just wail uncontrollable. The latter seem to appeal to you. You buried your face in your palms and wept uncontrollably. Your children who are too young to understand what was happening to you or to them joined you in shedding tears while your in-laws although pale inwardly decided it was best they keep their sympathy to themselves. You were indeed doomed! You now understood that your husband’s silence all those years were a quiet dangerous storm waiting to blow all over you. You knew that you stretched his patience way too far. You wondered whether you took your late mother’s advice too far or you just got it all wrong. Compared to your father, you knew your husband was ten times better over and over again. Even though he kept his distance from you, he never kept his love away from his children. He seemed to have transferred the love he had for you to them.

    You now know that your case is ‘Had I known’. You are now full of regrets wishing you could turn back the hands of time to right the wrongs you have committed. You not only made war with your husband but also with his siblings who kept their distance waiting for such a time as this. You chided yourself for failing to soften when you noticed that your husband starting emaciating and spending much time alone in his study. You never knew he was carrying the burden of depression for battling a corruption case at his office which he knew nothing about and added to it was your unreasonable character that drained life out of him. You told yourself the bitter truth. You murdered your own husband!

    The prattling young wife before you swallowed her pride in the pouch of wisdom you gave her from your own story. You have become a counselor to young wives, teaching them timeless ways of remaining in the hearts of their husbands.

    She thanked you profusely with a tear or two escaping her eyes with deep remorse.
    ‘I will never again in my life disrespect my husband’, she vowed and you knew she meant it. You smiled then, wishing you had a second chance like her. But you rested in the joy that you are merely helping young women prevent the mistake you made in your marriage years ago.


    He knew he had a problem. Unlike the rest of his age group who were married and had retired from having more children. He felt too that the gods have seconded his motion for the action he was about to take.

    He graduated top of this class being the first ever university graduate in the entire Amobia village.

    His return from the university was heralded with a very big party that was put together by the entire village. He became an overnight celebrity with the promise of a brighter future and was going to be the first Amobia son to travel to Obodo Oyinbo.

    But all that were figment of human imagination which bothered everyone that heard his story. After waiting for weeks on end for his scholarship letter to arrive. Before it arrived, he had told the entire villagers that he was going to be awarded a scholarship and even promised to support the schooling of, if not all, but most of the children in the village.

    The letter came and its message was direct and hurtful:

    Dear Mr. Chuma Ikemefuna we are sorry to inform you that your application for overseas study of the master’s programme in chemical engineering have been rejected because there are more qualified candidates in other federal universities whose applications have been considered. We wish you the very best in life…

    He did not wait to read the rest of the letter when he flew into acidic rage and decided he was going to talk sense into the head of the department of chemical engineering in the University of Nsukka.

    His right leg hung on one side of the hospital bed in the general hospital and his head turbaned with bandages, rested humbly on the pillow. The last thing he remembered was a loud bang followed by shattering glasses before everything went blank.

    Their bus had made a collision with an incoming vehicle that had mysterious lost its brake. He was lucky to be alive because no other person survived the accident. It took several weeks before his leg could heal. Even when it did, he had to walk on crutches. The pain had been unbearable for his widowed mother who died few days after his discharge from the hospital.

    More painful to him was that his betrothed Ihuoma had been given in marriage to a promising trader in Awka. At his angry request, Ihuoma’s father had gone inside his Obi with kegs of palm wine Chuma’s family brought for asking for his daughters hand in marriage.
    ‘Make sure you carry everything and don’t ever come into my compound again’, Kalu, Ihuoma’s father had threatened.

    To Chuma, this was the last straw that broke his camel’s back. He had been reduced to a mere ridicule in the village. How was he to carry the kegs of palm wine even if he wanted to? He eventually left the compound with misty eyes.

    It was two weeks later when the stench of his corpse was found hung in his mother’s bedroom. He had not left behind any note. But everyone who heard his story knew there was more to it than the eyes could see.

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  15. Hello Great newspaper of our time, I recently started going to retrieve and retrace a bit of mu history and I was wondering if you guys can be of help. I was present at a ceremony in Obagie village not too far from UTOKA Village (My village) when the Late King Oba Erediauwa visited when he was newly coronated in 1978 or 1979. I was such a historical even t in my life as I presented a poem to his late king and I was reliably imformed years later that there was a publish in your esteemed paper about this even with a photo.
    I would be very garteful if you would kindly point me towards how to get a copy of this newspaper of that day. I am sorry that I do not have a specific date of this even but you can imagin why as I was quite a child at that time. Please help me search and get back.
    Thanks continue your good work.


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