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Insurgency/Bombings: Death toll rises as Nigerians flee for safety

MAIDUGURI – Tension, fear, panic as well as apprehension continued to heighten in Maiduguri, Kaduna and the country’s Capital city and other states of the North-East as insurgency suspected to have been masterminded by the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group seemed to have taken over the country, leading to loss of economic growth, lives, properties and tales of tears and agony among families and love ones.

Worst hit were the families of the surviving individuals, some of whose parents were military personnel at the battle front.

The recent be an Army officer posted to Kiduga, near Maiduguri, John Ali who was near his Major rank before the terrorist group struck and killed him and other men of the troop.

The deceased who hailed from Akoko-Edo, it was gathered that after being posted to Maiduguri where he was killed, his teacher wife, Mary Bose Ali left her teaching job and moved to Abuja to cater more for the children by the late father of two.

She was said to have started a tomatoes business at the popular Iyanyan market when another Boko Haram bomb rocked the market, razing properties and human beings to rumbles.

While Mrs. Mary Bose Ali and her daughter, Judith Kehinde Ali died as a result of the acclaimed global bomb blast, the family’s only surviving child, Jude Taiwo Ali whom it was reported on account of losing his father in 2010 to the set, coupled with the April 14, 2014 blast that claimed the lives of his mother and sister allegedly disappeared to an unknown destination for cover and safety and since not seen or heard of.

It has been noted that the Boko Haram set, kidnapping, herdsmen menace and other social vices have continued to spread like wild fire across the country making the country unsafe for its citizens to live in.

This is even as unestimated number of people, including families, love ones, neighbors friends and well wishers have been permanently displaced.