•  As Nigerians prepare to go to polls next week some clerics have assured that God has already finished His work even as they advise the youths never to allow themselves to be used by politicians to perpetrate violence during and after the elections.    IN a chat with Weekend OBSERVER, the Coordinator, World Christian Fellowship Prophet Atorkpa  Okoduwa quoted the Bible book of John 3:37 which says “Man receiveth nothing on earth except it has been given to him by God.”
His words “The person that will win the election has already been ordained by God and there is nothing individuals and groups can do or try to do to stop God’s plan” You don’t just get to that throne of Mr. President by yourself. If God’s hand is not in the project, it will crash.”
He said it might appear that the atmosphere is charged in the physical but in the spiritual realm there is calm and orderliness” even as he asserted that God has already anointed a president for the country saying that February 14 is just for Nigerians to actualize God’s design.
Speaking further he said “The Bible says God rules the affairs of men. I will like the electorate to pray fervently before they vote. We should have a peep into our spirit and ask ourselves what we are actually looking for. What do we want for Nigeria and where do we want the country to be in the next 10 – 15 years. So it is advisable that we lift up our votes to God in heaven to give us direction.”
On ways to ensure that the election is not marred by thuggery and violence, the prophet said that the Abuja Peace Accord signed by President Jonathan and APC Presidential candidate, Buhari was a right step in the right direction as according to him it has gone a long way to reduce tension in the polity, “ I commend those that packaged the Peace Accord. They had good intentions. I think efforts should be made to ensure that it works, it is like a covenant that has been entered into. To some extent, the knowledge that it exists has reduced tension and hostility that would have characterized the campaigns.”
Prophet Okoduwa advised the youths to ensure that they shun being used to perpetrate electoral violence. “Where are the children of the politicians some youths want to die for? And, where will they be during the election? Will they not be flown out of the country to avoid being caught in cross-fire that may occur? He asked.
His advice “The Youths should shun vices, they should not get themselves into danger.  It will not do them any good.
On his advice to Nigerians, Prophet Okoduwa said “My advice to Nigerians is that they can only vote another day if they are alive. They should not involve themselves in acts that may likely take their lives. I will like to advise the youths to take their education serious so that they can fulfill their dreams of becoming what they want to be in life. They should therefore not waste their lives for politicians because if you die now you cannot become what you want to be.”
Prophet Okoduwa said the campaigns so far has been more of noise than issues. While calling for issues – driven electioneering, the man of God maintained that the first thing to be addressed is security as according to him there cannot be development when peace is absent.
His words “We need peace. We need a stable government and polity. We need a prosperous nation and prosperous people. We need social amenities to enable us live like human beings. We need good roads, uninterrupted electricity supply, jobs for our teeming youths and above all security.
These are the real issues I think our politicians should be talking about and the way to address them” So let us join our hands together and elect a man who has the capability to deliver on these issues, and above all a man who fears God.”
On his part Olasola Alademehin, Pastor in charge, Mount Pisgah Church stated that God has revealed to him that after the election, the wicked will cry while the godly at heart will rejoice and jubilate.
He advised the youth, never to die for any politician as God had decided to intervene in the affairs of the country. His words “Do not die for anybody. If the politicians of today had died, through violence while they were yet youth, would they have been alive to contest election today?. So my advise is that politicians are not worth dying for, I appeal to you to go to the polls that day, cast your vote for the candidate of your choice and go back home to await result.”
Pastor Olusola Alademehin stated that 2015 is a year of divine visitation and that God has decided to put a new song in the mouths of Nigerians. “This election should therefore not be a do or die affair because whether we like it or not God has finished his work.”
According to the cleric “Pray fervently and make sure you go to the polls to discharge your civic responsibility. Search your heart and vote wisely, do not be deceived, vote wisely.”
The cleric advised politicians to be careful about the utterances they make and refrain from making inflammatory statements capable of unnecessarily overheating the polity and creating bad blood because at the end of the day we are all Nigerians.”
On who is likely to win in the presidential contest he stated that it is not for him to predict the winner because God has done his job which no man can alter. He stated however that the margin between the loser and the winner will not be very wide.
He referred to Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the thought that I think towards you said the Lord, thought of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end.”

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