With the 2023 local government chairmanship and councillorship elections in Edo State around the corner, a prominent aspirant for the 2024 governorship election under the Labour Party (LP), Dr. Dorry Afe Efosa Okojie, has urged the Edo State Independent Electoral Commission (EDSIC) to ensure a free, fair and transparent electoral processes.

In a press statement issued in Benin City, Dr. Okojie said, the elections, scheduled for September 2, 2023, hold a great significance as they offer Edo State residents the chance to select leaders who will steer their local communities towards growth and advancement.

Addressing the importance of upholding the integrity of the electoral processes, Dr Okojie emphasised the necessity for all political parties involved to uphold decorum and adhere to high standards of integrity.

He firmly denounced any form of electoral malpractice and called for healthy competition that prioritises the welfare of constituents.

“I call on all political parties participating in these elections to maintain decorum, uphold the highest standards of integrity, and shun any form of electoral malpractice. Let us engage in a healthy competition that focuses on the well-being of our constituents.”

Dr. Okojie extended a passionate plea to the citizens of Edo State to participate actively in the electoral process by casting their votes on September 2, 2023, stressing that their votes are a manifestation of their voices, collectively shaping the trajectory of their communities.

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He encouraged voters to maintain vigilance and ensure that the elections remain free, fair, and transparent.

“I implore the good people of Edo State to turn out in large numbers on September 2, 2023, to cast their votes for their preferred candidates. Your votes are your voices, and together, we can shape the future of our communities. While exercising your democratic rights, I encourage you to be vigilant and ensure that the process remains free, fair, and transparent,” Dr Okojie said.

While calling for support for the Labour Party in the state, Dr Okojie expressed his belief that the party holds the key to realizing the aspirations of the people, highlighting the party’s commitment to uplifting the life of every citizen and fostering equitable development across the state.

“As an advocate for the common man and a representative of the Labour Party, I believe that our party holds the key to the hopes and aspirations of the people. I humbly request that you consider supporting the Labour Party as we work tirelessly to uplift the life of every citizen and ensure equitable development across Edo State,” Dr Okojie added.

He rallied the residents of Edo State under the banner of “Obedient,” a symbol embodying the call of democracy and the promise of a better Edo State while hoping for a peaceful and successful electoral process.

“Let us unite under the banner of “Obidient” – a symbol of obedience to the call of democracy and the commitment to a better Edo State. Together, we can achieve greatness,” he said.