The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened to embark on an indefinite strike if the price of petrol should rise further.

This is despite the NLC’s ongoing discussions with government, seeking reliefs for Nigerians, from the crushing discomforts following on sharp increases in the prices of petrol, food and other goods and services across the country.

The price increases and attendant discomforts followed the announcement of fuel subsidy removal by President Bola Tinubu in his inaugural speech on May 29.

The average retail price of petrol in April 2023 was N254. 06, per litre, indicating an increase of 47.18 per cent relative to the value recorded in April 2022 (N172. 61) according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

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The price then went up to the range of N500 per litre, following the announcement of fuel subsidy removal by President Bola Tinubu in his inauguration speech on May 29 this year (2023).

Weeks later, the price of petrol again went up to the range of N600 per litre, as a result of the effect of market forces on the value of the naira, following the free float of the currency by government.

NLC President, Joe Ajaero, issued the threat to go on strike in an address before the African Alliance of Trade Unions Executive Meeting in Abuja.

Said Ajaero: “As we’re here now, they’re contemplating increasing the pump price of petroleum products. And the Ministry of Labour, for some time now, will only go to the Ministry of Justice to come up with a so-called injunction to hold the hands of Labour not to respond.

“But let me say this, Nigerian workers will not give any notice if we have not addressed the “consequences of the last two increases and we wake up from our sleep to hear that they have tampered with it again — the prices.”