Senator Musa Mohammed Sani, representing Niger East Senatorial District, has sounded an urgent alarm, calling upon the Federal Government to take swift actions by deploying troops and strengthening security measures to combat the worsening insecurity in the region.

According to the lawmaker, for seven harrowing years, the people of Niger East Senatorial District, have endured relentless and lethal attacks by the ruthless Boko Haram terrorist group.

These assailants, armed to the teeth with an array of sophisticated weaponry, have terrorized innocent civilians, leaving behind a wake of destruction. The consequences of these attacks are dire and far-reaching, including the collapse of local economies, the disruption of agricultural activities, and the displacement of thousands of residents.

These repeated attacks have occurred with alarming frequency and minimal resistance from the authorities, allowing Boko Haram to capture numerous villages and towns across local government areas in Shiroro and Munya. This onslaught has led to the kidnapping of numerous residents, with some forced into marriages with the insurgents. This reign of terror has also claimed the lives of security personnel, including soldiers, as well as innocent civilians.

The gravity of the situation became even more apparent when bandits attacked Kagara, the headquarters of Rafi Local Government, resulting in numerous casualties. This incident, along with a series of attacks on neighboring villages, resulted in the loss of innocent lives and the displacement of thousands. The toll on the security forces is also evident, with the loss of over 25 soldiers, mobile policemen, and other personnel.

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The cumulative effect of these attacks is dire, with a total of over 475 lives lost in Niger East Senatorial District since January 2020. While the Federal Government has made considerable efforts to combat these issues, achieving lasting peace has proven elusive. This situation has prompted a call for a comprehensive review of the nation’s security architecture, as recommended by the Senate’s ad-hoc committee on Security.

In a concerning development, reports indicate that the Joint Security Task Force stationed in affected areas has been withdrawn. This withdrawal follows casualties suffered by the task force during an unfortunate invasion and ambush by terrorists.

The continuous security challenges and attacks on towns, villages, and communities in Shiroro, Rafi, and Munya Local Government Areas of Niger State have inflicted significant hardship on the people and have placed these areas in a state of severe survival threat. Urgent action is needed to address this menace to prevent further escalation and safeguard the livelihoods of farming communities in the region.

Senator Musa, Mohammed Sani’s call for the deployment of federal troops and security reinforcements in Niger East Senatorial District is a desperate plea to quell the rising tide of insecurity and bring peace and stability to the region.