…. December 31 deadline unchanged

The chairman of the Edo State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Sheikh Ibrahim Oyarekhua has extended gratitude to sponsors as the count of intending pilgrims for 2024 Hajj, making the initial deposit of N4.5 million, continues to shoot up.

With optimism, he urged ongoing support from sponsors to ensure that the state meets the Dec 31 deadline for payments, a target communicated earlier by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria ( NAHCON).

Underlining the importance of sustained assistance, the chairman emphasized the collective effort required to fulfill the pilgrimage aspirations of many individuals. The substantial increase in payments reflects a resolute commitment to embarking on the pilgrimage journey among the faithful in Edo State for the upcoming year.

The chairman’s call for continued support aligns with the rising momentum in payments, setting a promising trajectory for meeting the imminent deadline and potentially surpassing expectations.

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He noted that sponsors’ unwavering backing remains pivotal in achieving this ambitious goal and facilitating the pilgrimage process for enthusiastic participants preparing for the 2024 pilgrimage.

According to him, “Hajj has become a collective effort. Experience has shown that wealthy individuals in the society usually sponsor people to perform Hajj every year. The reward is enormous so, we urge and encourage such wealthy individuals among us to continue to support so as to make the religious obligation achievable for many who are desirous of performing Hajj.

“Time is of essence. The Saudi Arabia Hajj Authority has directed that issuance of visa will close 50-days to Arafat Day. It is not a joke. They will do it.”

Addressing a group of stakeholders, Oyarekhua noted: “There is an appreciable progress as we have recorded in the past weeks. We also understand that the harsh economic realities are affecting people’s plans. But whoever Allah has destined to make it will certainly make it.”