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Did Some People Know It Was Christmas?

December 25, was Christmas Day, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the lamp of God who took away our sins so that we can reconcile with God. The day usually comes with fanfare and a lot of celebration.

But here in Nigeria, did some people actually know it was Christmas? With the astronomical price of Chicken and even the so called local rice, a lot of Nigerians could not afford to purchase these items that are inimical to Christmas celebration. This is probably due to the adverse economic climate blowing across the nooks and crannies of this country.

Before now, a lot of families have restricted themselves to one meal per day in order to make ends meet. And so, Christmas came and went with so many people not partaking in it but merely agonizing and wishing only if things were better.

As typical of Nigeria, a lot homes didn’t have power supply from PHCN and no liquid cash to fuel their generators most ATM’s of banks did not dispense cash and they are supposed to work for 24hours. This is Nigeria! This is not the dream of our founding fathers, our Heroes past nearly 59years ago when Nigeria attained her independence.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, Christmas used to be a lot of fun. And everybody looked forward to it with expectation.

There used to be various cultural displays and various forms of entertainment. Not to talk of the new cloths bought for us by our parents. Then, Nigeria was a country to behold. Not anymore. Things have greatly degenerated to an abyss. A lot of water has passed under the bridge. However, all in all, we must thank God for Life. This is because the hospital wards are filled with patients suffering from different ailments. To them, there is no Christmas.

I do not know when we shall ever get things right in this country. Now, the year 2020 is at our immediate corner. Naturally, it comes with new hopes and beliefs – with great and mighty expectations.

As bad as it is with us presently, we should never forget to pray for our leaders in the various strata of governance. God in his infinite mercy should administer to their hearts in doing the right and obvious things for the masses of this country.

There is definitely no worse situations that God cannot change. In this new year Passover Night, we should all cry to God for a total turn around in the affairs of this country.

Nigeria is degenerating. Nothing seem to be working. There is so much sufferings going on. Considering our God-given natural endowments, we are expected to live like Kings and Queens. But sadly enough, the reverse is the case.

Before the advent and discovery of oil in commercial quantity in Bayelsa State the various major regions then did considerably well with the groundnut pyramid in the North, cocoa and palm produce in the West and South respectively. The discovery of oil was supposed to bring in additional benefits to complement the existing structures on ground, but alas, things went the other way. Countries without the so called oil are doing great despite the non-oil in the their domains.

Nigerians are not lazy people. They are ready to work as long as the enabling factoral conditions are in place.

This is where our leaders have inadvertently failed us. The most important thing we need in this country now is constant electricity supply. If we, as a developing nation can get this in place, all sectors of the economy would sprout up. Businesses will boom and the multiplier effect cannot be overemphasized. Interestingly, the federal government had signed a contract with Siemens to revamp the sector. My candid advice is to follow this Siemens deal to a logical conclusion and also provide them all the needed funds they require to complete the project.

If this is the only legacy the Buhari led APC government leaves behind, it would never in the history of this country before gotten. In so doing, the purchase of petrol and diesel would be greatly reduced.

The industrial sector would be galvanized into profitable ventures, dead and moribund industries shall come alive again. There will then be employment across board not to mention the small and medium scale industries that would reach the Zenith of their production.

So with a bleak Christmas celebration and with a new hope for the coming year – 2020, the Spirit of God will blow across the Nigerian air space and usher in love, peace, kindness, longsuffering (Patience) and conviviality amongst all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion. As we earnestly look forward to the New Year, we should not forget to love one another, be your brother’s keeper and forgive others no matter their wrongs so that the Almighty God can equally forgive us. Life itself is transient. So therefore, what would you be remembered for?
Is it the number of houses or properties you have acquired over the years? Or is it the quantum of money in your local or foreign accounts? Simply put, you will be remembered for the number of people you have been able to impact positively. As the saying goes, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.

I therefore wish all our readers a prosperous and a happy new year with great expectations and new hopes.

Kenny Okotie
Abadingo Abadango Foundation (AAF)


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