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For advert placement, contact

Advert Department,
24 Airport Road,
PMB 1334,
Airport Road,
Benin City,

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Advertising Rates for The Online Version of The Nigerian Observer


Leaderboard (Top Middle)460 x 6040,000 + 5% VAT
Leaderboard (Top Middle Below 1st)460 x 6035,000 + 5% VAT
Right Side of Logo250 x 6530,000 + 5% VAT
Small Banner (Top Left)200 X 6025,000 + 5% VAT
Small Banner (Top Right)200 x 6025,000 + 5% VAT
Small Banner (Above Headlines)230 x 6030,000 + 5% VAT
Small Banner (Top of Left Nav)170 x 6025,000 + 5% VAT
Small Banner Bottom of Left Nav)170 x 6020,000 + 5% VAT
Leaderboard (Below Major News)460 x 6050,000 + 5% VAT
Sponsored post/article is $50 per post

All rates are in Nigerian Naira.

Adverts that appear concurrently on the Home page and other Pages will attract 50% surcharge on Home Page rates.

Artwork Submission date: One week before Publication.

Artwork to be provided by Advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF or SWF format.

Adverts must be pre-paid before Publication.

Adverts rates are subject to review.

Note: Nigerian Observer is not responsible for the content of other sites linked from

All adverts are subject to legal vetting prior to publication.

For further information, please contact

Tel: +234-8179435082





  1. What is the cost of change of name in classified advert in the Nigerian observer

  2. How much is change of name, from miss to Mrs.

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