Wednesday , January 15 2020


Bisexualism and our Moral Suasion : The Scott Igie Example

When the Nigerian laws against bi-sexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, gay and similar lifestyles were adopted and placed on the statute books in this country, the aim of the law makers were to discourage outlandish immorality and curb the scourge of homosexual behaviours which was beginning to taint our society, devalue our …

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Did Some People Know It Was Christmas?

December 25, was Christmas Day, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the lamp of God who took away our sins so that we can reconcile with God. The day usually comes with fanfare and a lot of celebration. But here in Nigeria, did some people actually know it was …

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Arsonists on the Prowl in Edo State

In the next few days we shall all be ushered in to the much talked about year 2020. The year made more popular because of the gubernatorial election coming up in Edo state as well as the National Sports Festival also taking place in the state. Already, the venue to …

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Sexual Reproductive Health: Role of Media

The critical role of journalists in bringing Sexual Reproductive Health matters to public attention, making government accountable and promoting good outcomes formed crux of discourse during a two day workshop for media executives on Sexual Reproductive Health Reporting organized by Marie Stopes International Organization Nigeria (MSION) on November 14 to …

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Dealing with Nigeria’s Development challenges

I am pained about the multi-dimensional and multi-faceted development challenges facing Nigeria today. Since independence in 1960, the country has been going round some sorts of vicious circle that tends to be leading us nowhere. More and more Nigerians are giving up on the nation and its crop of political …

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