BENIN CITY- Gunmen, suspected to be members of the dare-devil Black Axe Confraternity, have reportedly murdered a middle – aged man, Mr. James Aibangbee and his son, one Eghosa Aigbangbee, in Benin Benin, the Edo State Capital.

The incident which occurred on June 1, 2010 according to sources could not be unconnected with Black Axe resolved to eliminate its former member Aghabiomon Aibangbee (male), now at large.

It was learnt that members of the dreaded Black Axe Confraternity (a mafia cult group) had on December 10, 2006 murdered the father of Aghabiomon Aibabgbee in cold blood following the arrest of one of their members by the deceased.

Trouble was said to have started when Aghabiomon who was forcefully initiated into the Black Axe Confraternity on August 8, 2006, refused to participate in the killing of a rival cult member as demanded by the gang leader in the state.

It was gathered that Aghabiomon whose initiation into the Black Axe was against his wish, most especially as an ardent Christian, decided to abandoned the cult group for fear of threat to his life

Speaking to our Crime Correspondent, a family source who pleaded anonymity for safety purposes said Aghabiomon’s decision to leave the cult group did not go down well with the leadership of the Black Axe Confraternity in the state, hence he (Aghabiomon ) was deadly attacked by the cult members on September 20, 2006.

The source said: “Our brother Aghabiomon Aibangbee narrowly escaped death by whiskers when he was attacked by the armed Black Axe members on September 20, 2006.

“A situation that made his father to relocate him to Lagos for safety, while the matter was reported to the police by Mr. James Aibangbee.

“Angered by the arrest of one of their members by the police upon complaint from Mr. James Aibangbee, the cult boys invaded Aghabiomon’s residence where they assassinated his father in cold blood on December 10, 2006”, he said.

It was further gathered that the fleeing Aghabiomon later returned to Benin in 2010 to seek for admission into the University, believing that the Black Axe members may have forgotten him.

Tragedy was said to have struck again when the dreaded Black Axe members trailed the residence of Aghabiomon and killed his only brother, Eghosa Aibangbee, just as the hoodlums were said to have vowed to eliminate Aghabiomon whenever they set their eyes on him.

Contacted, the police Public Relations Officer in Edo, DSP Abiodun Osifo, while confirming the report said no arrest has been made in connection with the murder of Mr. Eghosa Aibangbee.