The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Adewale Martins, said yesterday that positive change in attitude of public office seekers would promote good governance in Nigeria.
Martins told newsmen in Lagos that proper behaviour of leaders was necessary for the improvement of the lives of the electorate after the 2015 elections.
He noted that the bane of Nigerian democracy was that improvement of the living standard of Nigerians never received due attention from those elected into public offices.
“The 2015 election is an event that we are all looking forward to; because we expect that the event will bring a new lease of life to our country Nigeria.
“We expect that the whole quality of elections will be a lot better than it had been in the past.
“We expect that politicians will conduct themselves a lot better than they had done, this are our expectations.
“So, we appeal to the politicians to at least pay attention to the yearnings of the Nigerian people, because all that we wish are the basic things of life such as food, shelter and other social amenities.’’