“They shall beat their swords into ploughshares,
And their spears into pruning-hooks;
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
Neither shall they learn war anymore”
The Holy Bible – (Isaiah 2 :4)
Beaming our mental binoculars alone the trajectory of what generally constitute a REVOLUTION and what an EVOLUTION is, implies some forms of dialectics and scholastic exegesis which will ultimately end up making the path and tunnel of search more tenebrous. It is in the light of this, that I take refuge in the words of professor John Stuarts in his book “CONVENTIONS AND STYLES IN WRITING” that “there are no immutable stereotypes in definitions, provided they are relevant to the subject matter. Therefore:
Revolutions and Evolutions are connotative of ‘CHANGE’ – they could be social , economic, political, ideological, cultural etc. ‘CHANGE’. In a revolution the change is characterized by spasms of combustion, mutinous putsch, insurrection, rebellion and radical avant-gardism. Whilst an evolution is guided and based on the principles of “GRADUALISM” and “PROGRESSIVISM” orbiting around the wheel of fundamental experimentation, innovative maturation and nationalized blue-print expansion, growths and development.
An investigation into history of revolutions has shown that revolutions, in most cases do not come just like that (JLT). They are hallmarks and consequences of multi-dimensional socio-economic, political, cultural, and ideological oppressions, suppressions, stagnations and despotism, exacerbated by leadership narcissisms and administrative wantonness etc. The ultimate judge or arbiter of what a revolution is, whether successful or not is the vox populi, casus Belli, history and the all-embracing appurtenances that it comes with and what it leaves behind.
A vast majority of people and countries experienced (ancient and modern) revolutions in their bid to shake-off the asphyxiating tentacles of colonialism to prevent their being given a simulacrum of phony independence. These struggles manifested themselves in modern times under ideological formats, especially during the “Cold War Era” – Capitalists bourgeoisies as represented by America, Britain and their allies, and socialist-Communists (Marxism-Leninism), proletariat as represented by the old Soviet Union and it’s Allies. The advent of Glasnost and Perestroika successfully dismembered the Soviet’s ideological base, turning the world into a Unipolar “GLOBAL CAPITALISM AND MERCANTILISM” with America as the peremptory constable. China has followed suit.
Revolutions have come in every aspect of human Endeavour and life. The doctrinal messages of Christ Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Baghavita, etc gave rise to religious revolutions culminating in crusades, Jihads, Reformations and Protestantism etc. The struggle of the people for the recognition of their inalienable rights to self determination and freedom has also given rise to political revolutions. The French, the Bolshevik, the American, the Chinese, the Algerian, Irish, Burundian, Afghanistan, Nicaraguan, former Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Rwanda and German revolutions etc. In his submissions on conditions for Socialist revolutions ‘Vladimir Lenin’ the then leader of the Bolshevik party of Russia said “Revolutions are not made to order and are not imported from outside, they are caused by the development of internal contradictions and class antagonisms in each country” We have also had scientific revolutions etc.
Whither goeth Nigeria? Is Nigeria fit in the present political dispensation for a Revolution or an Evolution? Nigeria evolutionarily – through constitutional developments ranging from the 1946 Richards constitution, the Allan Burns 1951 constitution, the 1954 constitution, the independence and Republican constitutions of 1960 and 1963 down through the 1979 constitution etc. metamorphosed to it’s present situation of a blurlesque of political independence. Nigeria won her independence evolutionarily on a platter of Gold.
Since independence in 1960 the Nigeria Nation has been sunken in leviathan corruption of brobdingnagian and cyclopean proportion. The politicians and their military cohorts have formed a relay quarter of handing over the reins of leadership to themselves whimsically. There is a “POWER SYNDICATE” (Politician- Military) shuffling the “cards of power” to their advantage. This stimulated the Nzeogwu led coup, putsch or revolution (Depending on who is talking or writing) in Jan 15th, 1966. The consequences and bandwagon political effect of misjudgement and the misconstruction of the intents of the “Revolutionaries” ultimately gave rise to the Nigeria civil war, rebellion or REVOLUTION (Depending again on who is talking or writing). But one thing is clear in our nation today. Nigeria as a Nation has come along way. The Nation is overdue for a political, socio- economic etc “CHANGE” to deracinate it from the demons of power paranoia’s and cleanse its political Aegean sable.
Yes, Nigeria is long overdue for a change. But a change to, for and with what? Alexander pope the poet and essayist warned that “For forms of Government, let fools contend. Whatever is best administered is best, for modes of faith let graceless zealots fight. His cannot be wrong whose life is in the right, in faith and hope the world will disagree, but all mankind’s concern is charity; all must be faults that thwarts this one great end . And all of God, that bless mankind or mend”. We beg to disagree with, Alexander pope. The Nigerian situation is desperate and truly really bad and unprecedented. We need to be agitated by the form of Government in our country.
What is the solution? A revolution or an evolution? I think and state with unambiguous clarity that Nigeria needs to evolve a “NIGERIAN BLUE- PRINT” ( Not the vision without a mission 2020). An encyclopedic summation that will encompass all the nuts and bolts of our growth and development. Taking into cognizance the need for power balancing, not the Monetized hypothecating of political conscience by the IGBO’S and the nauseating prevalence of a profoundly tribalised and politicized military institution.
An evolutionary trend that will recognize the right of the minority, highlight the due process, apotheosize democracy, humanize the economy and revolutionise the leadership. A revolution of democratically elected civilian leadership that will be prepared to resist the rebarbative wiles of military incursion, that will be able to call cranks and faddist by their true names, that will be able to stand corruption on its head, sign its total exorcisation from our nation and National psyche and that will be able to condemn in no uncertain terms the teratoid “political Circus” called consensus candidacy by the zombie-like contraption

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