IT is no longer news that the Adams Oshiomhole led government is a light which has overshadowed the thick darkness of the night that beclouded Edo of Yore. Just like the saying of the holy book, where there is light, the darkness comprehendeth it not, that is, darkness will vanish without delay.
It all started like a candle light shining at the end of the year 2008, then it radiated to an electric bulb light and after which it is now like the full sun of the day and the shining moon in the middle of the Night, with the untiring Comrade Governor’s effort to make the light shine in all nook and crannies of the great “Edo State.”
Nevertheless, there have been some distractions and detractors who never see anything good, nor commend good things, this is because of the blind vision they have for the state and would want all the members of the state to be blind too, their desire is  that all the citizens of the state should fall into a big pit because when the blind lead the blind, it is very sure that they will miss their way, and not only miss the way, they will also fall inside a big pit where they will live to regret forever.
When the state was in the hands of the blind, many Edo people contacted the disease of the eye and followed the blind until they got the final destination of the pit, but now is the administration of the man full of vitamin A in his eyes leading every one to victory, there you find a group of people under the disguise of one political party; who are neither members of a legislature or a group set for checks and balances to start talking and criticizing every step and more of the governor. Haba!
To be precise, Chief Dan Orbih has no moral right to challenge the activities of the present administration because “any one who checks for his neighbour’s problem without seeing his own first is foolish.” Chief Orbih should learn to look at his back, look at the past and the present, so he can make healthy comparisms, if he sees a difference, there is need to commend the Comrade Governor rather than to distract him.
In the case of defection of political party members from the All Progressive Congress, (APC) to the People Democratic Party, it is a sure truth and fact that persons seen to be defectors are already members of the People Democratic Party before now. It is a deliberate attempt by the party to use some hungry media organizations to show these people to make the governor feel bad and distracted, nevertheless very few of them are really defectors, they had some sums of money which had been used to bribe them.
Just like the saying that when the devil gives a gift with the left hand, he takes it with the right hand, when he gives a hand glove, he collects the hand, when he gives a leg socks, he collects the leg, when he gives hundies, he collects the waist, if finally he gives a cap, he will collect the head, finally the person is gone.  So it is the same with the Peoples Democratic Party.
Using Nuhu Ribadu as a case study, he cross carpeted to the PDP with a greedy interest, finally he was accepted only to fooled at the end of the day. This was the same man who condemned the People Democratic Party and its leaders in various national dailies, and then he went to meet the people he condemned, can a lion sleep with a dog? Or can a human take in his/her vomit. It is not a surprise to see Nuhu Ribadu take back his vomit because of the greed that lie in within him. But it was a deliberate attempt to remove him from the APC and fool him, he was given a ticket for the Adamawa State election but did not win for the primaries, wow!!!, a big blow and a deliberate attempt to make him foolish in the sight of his friends.
On the issue of the defected APC legislators to PDP, it is very clear that Chief Dan Orbih offered the legislators money which will not last, only in a short while in this state (Edo State), every citizen will see the outcome of defection, all for the sake of distracting the Comrade Governor. Now, is it not panning out?
Comrade Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole is a very strong man who has refused to be moved by his detractors and will never be distracted because he is a man of vision and he has a very broad and bright vision for the people of Edo State.
Money should be spent wisely just the way the Comrade Governor is spending it in every sector of the state and it is clear the sectors have enjoyed from the clear policies of the administration of the Comrade Governor.
In the Areas of Agriculture, the governor has spent more than enough to see that its citizen get the best of food to eat, making hunger and poverty history. In the area of Education, Red roofs are visibly everywhere, with good modern chairs and teaching aids to make the Edo Children get the best of Education in order to compete favourably with other children of the developed world.
In the health sector, the governor has not left any stone unturned because the citizens have gotten the best of health care, drugs and vaccines have been distributed free of charge, hospitals are built with the best health care facilities on ground to meet the demands of patients.
It is a normal thing in life that, no matter how good a person is, there must be detractors or rather, vision-blind critics who will always see the negative side of someone.  But in the case of the Oshiomhole led administration, there is no negative aspect, that the opposition can point out but they deliberately make out some, loopholes that cannot be defended.
On the issue of spending tax payers money to travel abroad for holidays, posited by the chairman of PDP against the Comrade Governor, it is just a mere jealousy  taken too far. The Comrade Governor does not spend tax payers money but his own money. Even if he spent the tax payer’s money, there is no cause for alarm because there are evidence of what he has used some percentage of the money to do in attracting development to the state.
For the last eight years of governance in Edo State before the administration of the Comrade Governor, there was no evidence of the dividends of democracy but here in this administration, everything is clear to the admiration of every body.
On this note, we urge the Comrade Governor not to be distracted, but stand firm and continue his good work in the state and as 2015 begins, he should be focused on touching all the untouched areas in his development plans.

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