Abuja – Mr Elias Bogoro, the Executive Secretary, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), has condemned the spate of attacks on schools by insurgents.
Bagoro made the condemnation while receiving members of National Association for Peaceful Elections in Nigeria (NAPEN), an NGO, in Abuja.
He expressed the hope for the Safe School Initiative of the Federal Government to make learning institutions in the North East safe for students and teachers.
“We are aware of how school children have been maimed and slaughtered literarily in schools by insurgents and the midnight attacks being carried out on hapless and harmless children, it is unacceptable.
“The challenge of insecure schools in the North East today is a very serious issue; we cannot overlook it and turn our faces the other way.
“If it were possible that we can offer any measure of support to complement the pivotal role that President Goodluck Jonathan is undertaking through the Safe School Initiative, it will be wonderful.
“Incidentally, I happen to be on the Safe School Initiative team led by the Minister of Education and we will continue to do everything possible to make sure students and teachers are safe.’’
Earlier, the leader of the group, Dr Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, said the challenge faced by the education sector due to insurgency in some parts of the country had disrupted school calendars, forcing children to stay at home.
‘Our education sector is facing a lot of challenges especially in Northern Nigeria, many children are out of school and this is unacceptable.
“With the insurgency, schools have been destroyed, teachers and students have been killed and school calendars unduly disrupted’’, Afolabi said.
She solicited TETFUND’s support in the building of structures and impact assessment of insurgency on education.
Afolabi also called on civil society organisations and security agencies to support INEC in ensuring a free and fair election in the 2015.