THE Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Adewale Martins, has urged parents to develop and exhibit characters that would make them role models for their children.
Martins made the suggestion at the closing ceremony of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos Year of the Family, entitled, The Family as a Domestic Church.
He said that parents as the immediate role models for their children should not only appreciate moral values and ethics but must be mindful of their behaviours.
“Parents and children are to attain holiness by living as units of families in a domestic church,” he said.
The cleric called on parents to pay proper attention to the upbringing of their children with a view to inculcating moral values such as hard work and the fear of God in them.
“This will make them better human beings and good citizens of Nigeria,” he said.
According to him, even though we have come to the end of the year of the family, we must allow the gains of the year to lead us into the future.
He urged Christians to uphold positive values they had learnt and lived by as the year neared its end.
“Let us remember that it is only those who are constant, steadfast and persevered in pursuing personal encounter with Christ and living according to his teaching who will attain holiness.
“We are reminded to strive for holiness within our different families; we should make efforts to live by the virtues of the different forms of families” he concluded.