ABUJA – The All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday called on INEC to enforce the provisions of the Electoral Act by monitoring donations to the campaign funds of political parties.
The APC Deputy National Chairman, North, Sen. Lawal Shuaibu, told newsmen yesterday in Abuja that any individual or organisation that donated funds to parties must make the source of such money available to INEC.
Shuaibu said this against the backdrop of the recent campaign fundraising for the re-election bid of President Goodluck Jonathan where some funds were realised through donations by individuals and corporate bodies.
He said the APC would follow laid down procedures as contained in the constitution and the provisions of the electoral law.
“If the Independent National Electoral Commission is serious about enforcing the Electoral Act, first thing INEC will do is that every individual who pledges a donation at any fundraising, number one, must produce receipt of payment and must show INEC the source of that money.
“This is law; we are talking about the law, the rule of law.
“The electoral act is very clear about this thing, for instance when a governor says he has donated one billion naira, its fine but he can’t donate from the government coffers.’’
The senator said that for INEC to ensure transparency, it should demand for the receipts issued to each donor and access the account of the party, as according to him, such monies have to be donated through electronic transfers, cheque or draft.
The APC deputy chairman stated that the APC would publish names of donor who contribute to its campaign fundraising and will not accept anonymous donations to ensure transparency.
“In our own case, we wanted to do fundraising, and I am telling you our fundraising is going to be very transparent because whoever donates we are going to publish.
“We will not accept anonymous donors, whoever brings in money the world must know where this money is coming from so we don’t have any fear over the N21 billion as far as there will be transparency as the law stipulates.
“As far as INEC will be neutral and prepared to enforce the provision of the electoral act against any party that violates it,” he added.
Shuaibu dismissed the possibility of violence before or after the 2015 elections, adding that people would definitely react to any act to rig this time.
He also said that the power of incumbency and insurgency would not be an impediment to the success of the APC in spite of the insurgency in the party’s stronghold of the North-Eastern part of the country.