THE 36-year-old centre-back penned a one-year deal at Loftus Road ahead of the 2014-15 campaign, after a trophy-laded 12-year spell at Manchester United came to an end.
Ferdinand was initially a mainstay of the first-team and he has started seven Premier League games for the club.
However, a Football Association ban coupled with fitness concerns have seen the former England international drop out of the team, with his last appearance coming on October 5.
Despite a lack of playing time, Ferdinand remains content with his decision to reunite with manager Harry Redknapp – who he also played under during his time at West Ham.
“No footballer worth his salt likes sitting on the bench. So I would be lying if I said I’m perfectly okay about being left out of the QPR team recently,” he told The Sun.
“When you have enjoyed all the success of being at a club as big as Manchester United for more than a decade, there is no hiding the fact that my current circumstances are a bit of a comedown.
“But do not make the mistake of thinking I have any regrets about my move to Loftus Road – because I don’t.
“I knew what I was getting myself into and knew I’d be at a club where you would mostly spend your time looking up at teams rather than down at those below you.
“And I was well aware that I probably wouldn’t play every game. I’m realistic that, at the age of 36, that was never going to happen.”