Lagos- The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sarisand Healthcare Consultancy, Lagos, Dr Andrew Isiorho, called for behavioural change and regular exercise, as a way of managing stress.
Isiorho gave the advice during a presentation titled “Stress: its relationship with hypertension and how it can be managed’’.
The event was to mark the annual get-together of the Ikeja District of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (IDSCAN).
Isiorho, however, defined stress as the emotional, physical or mental strain caused by the body’s response to pressure from the external or internal environment.
He said that many societal factors predisposed people to stressful conditions, and if properly identified, could help in ameliorating stress.
According to him, some of the predisposing factors stem from the family, place of work, economy and the environment, among others.
He added that lifestyle choices, negative self-talk, stressful personality traits, among others, could also predisposed people to stress.
Isiorho said that when an individual was exposed to a stressful condition, the body responds by causing the release of stress hormones such as adrenalin, noradremaline, and vasopressin.
“These can cause vasoconstriction, increased blood volume, increased heart rate, blood pressure, dryness of mouth and increased blood sugar.
“These effects cause a temporary rise in blood pressure,” Isiorho said.
The CEO said that stress could be managed by reducing or discontinuing the intake of caffeine, regular exercise, regular sleep, relaxation and meditation, humour, and healthy diet.
He underscored the importance of behavioural change, and lifestyle change in the mastering and management of stress.
He said that if stress was not properly managed, it could lead to hypertension.
Earlier, the IDSICAN chairman, Mr. Oluseyi Ogunjobi (FCA), said that the presentation on stress couldn’t have come at a better time than now.
Ogunjobi said that accountants were busy people and needed to be conscious of stress management.