A Goodwill Message from Comrade Godwin Erhahon to the Observer Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), on the occasion of the First Annual Samuel Ogbemudia Forum, this Thursday, December 18, 2014, in Benin City.
His Excellency, Dr Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, The Honourable Commissioner of Information, Our Leader and Mentor, Dr Tonie Iredia, The National Vice Chairman, NUJ, Zone F, Comrade U.S.A Uzaka Chairman NUJ, Edo State Council  Chairman NUJ Observer Chapel with his Executive and Members Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I congratulate all of us for being part of this Forum. To God be the glory!

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I commend the leadership of The Observer Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists for upgrading what used to be the Nigerian Observer Forum to Samuel Ogbemudia Forum. Your choice of speakers for this year’s Forum is no less commendable. Most importantly, I congratulate our father and leader, Dr Ogbemudia for witnessing part of his immortalization. His glory is an inspiration to all of us to do as much good as we can while we are yet opportune and able to serve mankind. The Observer Chapel of NUJ has by this Forum joined numerous patriots to prove that Edo people do appreciate progressive services and noble achievement such as the establishment of The Observer by Dr Ogbemudia, forty- six  years ago
With two reverend sages, Dr Ogbemudia and Dr Iredia sitting on one side and our vibrant young colleague, Comrade U .S.A Uzaka on the other, I see a blend of the old and young generations from whom I have a lot to learn. I appreciate this privilege.
I thank you for your careful selection of personalities for this Forum.
The theme of the Forum: Advancing Media Freedom, The Promise of Technology for which you have wisely chosen a living encyclopedia of television journalism, a disciplined disciplinarian and outstanding patriot, Dr Tonie Iredia, is as apt as your choice of who to handle it is sagacious.
Calling on Comrade Uzaka, a contemporary practicing journalists and labour activist to examine the topic: The Media and Sustenance of Democracy, is a perfect blend.
One unique blessing that the Observer Group has continued to enjoy is that low as its wages may be among media houses, it has always been blessed with the best brains. I trace this to the heritage of its founder, Dr Ogbemudia whose wisdom, creativity, vision and handwork remain unequalled. That is why you find that whether in times of peace or war, the titan tugs on. I thank you father, Dr Ogbemudia, for founding The Observer which became my springboard to stardom. I am proud to recall that I was chairman of this chapel in 1984, thirty years ago!
Permit me to end this Goodwill message with a special appeal. In our zeal to add to the legacy of Dr Ogbemudia here in The Observer, we have embarked on the construction of a befitting NUJ Observer Chapel Secretariat. The building plan is here for us to see. When we are set to lay foundation, we shall invite you all for your moral and financial support. Please be part of the noble project.
I thank you all for gracing this occasion. On behalf of the Observer Chapel, I congratulate and glorify you, our father and leader, Dr Ogbemudia for the good work you have done and continued to do for mankind. Long may you live.
Erhahon is the Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress (APC), Edo State and Former Chairman of NUJ, Edo State