By Andy Egbon

BENIN CITY- A former Minister for Science and Technology, Professor Emmanuel Emovon has berated the federal government for according lip service to science and technology.
Professor Emovon in an exclusive interview with The NIGERIAN OBSERVER in Benin City against the backdrop of the sliding crude oil price in the international  market said, unless the nation gives adequate attention to science and technology, “we are not serious” about finding solution.
According to him, “agriculture is being stepped  up, but research institutes  do not appear to be funded to show Nigeria the road map to prosperity.
“Asian tigers invested lots in science and technology; it is where their prospect lies, so, we do  hope that  our governors and masters will try as much as possible to harness what we have.
“Add value to exported agric products by adopting science and technology”, he added.
According to him in diversifying the economy, you cannot rely on mono-economy and expect the country to move because oil is a wasted asset that is irreplaceable.