AS the much awaited and celebrated annual festival (Ugie) of the Benin Monarch, Oba Erediauwa unfolds, Iguedohia (worship of individual head) came up yesterday.
According to the Oba’s palace programme schedule, various individuals were expected to commence Igue at their respective convenient times in the evening of yesterday.
It will be recalled that Saturday’s event was the day every Benin indigene looks up to celebrate.
It is of essence to emphasise here that Igue is not a sacrificial rite, rather a thanksgiving exercise of every individual.
Meanwhile, Ugie Ewere (giving of blessing leaf) comes up today at the Oba’s Palace.
Members of the Ihogbe Royal Family led by Chief Nosa Isekhure, Chief Priest of Benin Kingdom, will present the Ewere leaf to the Benin Monarch, Oba Erediauwa tomorrow, in a symbolic ceremony.