By Andy Egbon

BENIN CITY – A former Director General, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Dr. Tony Iredia has blamed Nigeria Media for the woes that are befalling them, saying that practitioners are professionally disoriented.
According to him, “There is a need to recognize that if we are professionally oriented, mundane control would not work.
Dr. Iredia in his presentation at the Samuel Ogbemudia Forum organized by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Observer Chapel said; “Nigerian Journalists contributes so much to its own problem through contributory negligence.”
Such contributory negligence, he said included sensationalism and partisanship without recongising their impacts on the society.
According to him, there is a lot of principal defects among journalists that is making media owners do what they like, while also blaming journalists for compromising professionalism and refusing to be ‘mature.’
“It is only in the media that publicity secretary who has no qualification whatsoever, other than he was making noise at political party rallies would become Commissioner for Information and be given instructions to media houses,” he said.
He noted that Nigeria media are poorly perceived and lowly rated, hence the predicament they presently find themselves.