Evang Dr (Mrs) Helen Ugochukwu

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WITH over 5000 Nigerian youths ministered to and out of this number, hundred having turning to Christ, the Operation Disarm Word Evangelical Ministry is no longer a strange name in these environs and even beyond.
The ministry came into being following the vision of Evangelist Dr. (Mrs.) Helen Ugochukwu on July 26, 2005, and by “divine revelation” she was directed to reach out to the youth and the general public who are into cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, assassinations and terrorism, amongst others, to deliver them back to Christ, “their original and only source of creation”.
With the clear vision of “bringing all who are prepared to yield to the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ to the working of the Holy Spirit proclaiming the power of the Holy Ghost and breaking all yokes, delivering people from satanic bondage, releasing oppressed people from the pangs of demonic oppression such as death, sickness, diseases, spiritual attack and other forms of oppression and suppression, the ministry has since not rested, setting the oppressed free through knowledge of the word of God and bringing many into the total knowledge of God “in order to appropriate his promises to deliver and to save”. One can go on and on to reel out the mission statements of the Operation Disarm Word Evangelical Ministry.
For years, the Evangelist in company of a team of trumpeters have been trudging the length and breadth of various communities in Edo State, including citadels of learning, preaching the gospel of Christ to the world, especially to the youth who may have found  themselves neck deep into cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, assassination terrorism and other social vices, saving the lost souls of the youth for Jesus Christ as well as empowering and transforming their lives, distributing printed and published religious literature that had imprints of soul-winning words, carrying out campaigns/crusades through the media, both print and electronic, sensitizing the people on the dangers and evil of those enumerated social vices.
As the yuletide approaches, the ministry is not resting on its oars. Evangelist Dr. (Mrs) Helen Ugochukwu and her team of Trumpeters are on their feet, asking youths to drop their arms and pick up the instrumentality of the Holy Ghost.
“I admonish the youths to look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faiths, the one who made them in the image and likeness of good. They should drop their arms, desist from those social vices which gains are transient and embrace Christ whose grace transcends every boundary the Evangelist told our Principal Features writer, Ijeoma Umeh.
She expressed her pain at seeming youths paraded and even shot down for one offense or the other.
“Anytime I watch the television or read the papers and see bodies of youths cut down in their prime in the line of fire between suspects and the law enforcement agencies. I weep in my spirit. My spirit is depressed. These are young persons who tomorrow may become the leaders that we all crave for, these are fine young stars who may become pioneers of noble acts and laudable projects, scientists, artistes, inventors, manufactures professionals in various fields of human endeavour. It is quite so unfortunate that these youths should waste to the glory of the devil.
Evangelist Dr. (Mrs) Ugochukwu also threw caution to the law enforcement agencies.
“I know that in the line of fire anything can happen, and the security agencies have the right to defend their lives in the event of gun battle between them and suspects, but I appeal for restraint where it is absolutely necessary. We must all team up to save the youths, to give them another opportunity to make amends with both God and man and to actualise their God given potentials.
On the modes of operation of her ministry, she stated, “the mode is both spiritual and physical, deal with the physical issue of the youths constituting themselves as vagabonds in the society, unleashing terror on innocent citizens by assisting them to see how useless those weapons of destruction are to their physical development help them actualise their potentials through various forms of empowerment and squarely bring them to Christ and be attuned to God’s will for their lives she also admonished leaders at all tiers – federal, state and local to critically address issues of youth restiveness, joblessness and non-inclusion in leadership positions in the polity with a view to ensuring good foundational footing for Nigeria youths.
“We want to see the industrialization of Nigeria and the placing of youths in strategic positions. This constant over hauling of old men and women in the polity should stop. “That is the anger of the youths”.
As the yuletide approaches she admonished the youths to re-think and have change of hearts in the evil machineries they have put in place with which to unleash mayhem on the society.
“They should consider the lives of youths who are constantly paraded on crime fighters where are those ones today many have faced the firing squad or killed secretly by their accusers, offer the law enforcement agents won’t even have wind of it. I advice them to create role models in their minds of people like Bill Gates, Dangote Mrs. Clinton Barack Obama, and all others who continue to shine without engaging in evil practices. It is my wish to see youths who will take up the leadership of our nation in various fronts. The celebrations will be over, but your life should remain. This is not the first time that we will be celebrating the yuletide. It will come and go. Re-think your life, re-focus, reconsider what path you are taking forget about world goods the exotic cars, houses, beautiful women, expensive wine. They are all transient goods. They won’t survive eternity. Please, consider your spiritual stand with God.