Lagos – Twenty-five ships laden with petroleum products and other commodities have arrived at Lagos ports, according to the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).
The NPA said that the ships were waiting to discharge their contents at the ports.
It said 12 of the 25 ships would discharge petrol, while a ship was laden with Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO).
“The remaining 12 ships arrived at the ports with food items such as bulk rice, general cargo, bulk gypsum, fresh fish and bulk fertiliser.’’
The NPA added that 44 ships carrying containers laden with assorted goods, foods, petroleum products and other commodities were expected to arrive at Lagos ports from December 30 to January 15, 2015.
“Two other ships are bringing into the country petrol and diesel, while two ships containing bulkwheat and four others containing fresh fish are also being expected, ’’ it said.
The NPA said 15 other ships would arrive with charcoal, bulk rice, bulk salt, used vehicles, bulk sugar, bulk fertiliser, steel products, bulk ethanol and general cargo.
It also indicated that 27 other ships were discharging bulkwheat, bulk rice, containers, bulk sugar, base oil, ethanol, general cargo, fertiliser and petroleum products.
The reports say that 16 ships were waiting to discharge commodities and petroleum products at the various ports in Lagos.

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