osEKPOMA – Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has said Chief Anthony Anenih has a long history of frustrating the will of the people, but will fail with his latest project to secure another term for President Goodluck Jonathan, just as he failed in all the elections in the state since he (Governor) came to power.
Speaking at a rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at Ekpoma in Edo Central Senatorial district, Oshiomhole said the people of Esan land should ask Anenih the role he played in the humiliation, rigging and eventual incarceration of the late Governor of the defunct Bendel State, Professor Ambrose Alli.
According to Governor Oshiomhole, the time has come for the people of Esan land to know who played what role in the development of Esanland.
He urged the people to be wary of the antics and lies of expired godfathers whose stock in trade is to mislead and deceive the people.
Oshiomhole said, “The people must know the truth. Once upon a time, Bendel people from Delta to Edo elected one of your sons, Prof Ambrose Alli of blessed memory. He was elected not only by Esan people but by the entire Bendel State. He established the Ambrose Alli University. You cannot forget the roads he built in Esan land and beyond Esan land. Who removed Ambrose Alli from power? The NPN and their Chieftains in Esanland.”
Oshiomhole continued: “Chief Anenih came here to say it was General Buhari who jailed Ambrose Alli. You voted for Alli but we all know who removed him. They declared somebody else a winner and declared Alli the loser in an election that he won, exactly what they did to me. Anenih must be told part of his sins against Esan people for which he will never be forgiven.
“He can never rewrite history. He cannot run away from his own shadow. The sins he committed against Ambrose Alli will never be forgiven. He must be punished with your votes. I was shocked that they have gone to recruit one of Alli’s daughters to join them to campaign.
“The lady needs to think again. You cannot dine with the people who removed the crown from the head of your father. So when they say Buhari was the Head of State when Alli was jailed, do you know what they jailed Alli for? It was that Alli gave a contract to a leader who is a top notcher in PDP today. The man did not do the job. That was what led to the military investigation of Alli.
“Never again should they come to lie to you. I have given you several reasons why PDP must go and APC must come. I urge you to go home and spread the good news. We want General Buhari to come. They say he has no certificate but he became a General”, he said.
The governor also accused the PDP Federal Government of further impoverishing the poor through its kerosene scam.
Speaking at separate rallies at Ikpoba Okha and Oredo Local Government Areas in Edo South Senatorial district, Oshiomhole said, “From Otuoke to Benin City to Lagos to Ekpoma to Iyahmo to Sokoto, kerosene is now N150-N160 per litre. For every N150 you spend in buying kerosene, PDP steals N100 because in the books of NNPC, they have it on records that kerosene is N50 per litre”.
Oshiomhole continued, “When a government cheats the poor people to enrich few people who are buying private jets, will you vote for that kind of party again? When we say President Jonathan should go home, it is not out of hatred. After 16 years, PDP is like an impotent man, it cannot bring development to the nation. They cannot give light, they cannot provide jobs, they cannot repair refineries, they can only produce poverty.”