growing childrenChildren are precious gift from God. The bible in psalm 127 verse 3 described children as the gift from the lord, they are a real blessing.
In describing children as the gift of God, the bible didn’t make any distinction between male and female child. It is therefore a misconception when some parents tend to accord more recognition or importance to the male child. Of course this idea of the male child occupying a place of pride in the family is derived from the African belief and customs which gives hereditary right only to the male child. Thus, the female child is seen as less important and sometimes, she is treated as a stranger in the home.
However, civilization, education and social development have proved that the girl-child is equally as important as the male child.
In our society and other climes, woman occupy significant positions. Women are today Chief Executive Officers of Corperate Organisations, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioner, Ministers and even Heads of Government across the world.
Women also play significant or important roles in the military, aviation and other areas of service which where hitherto considered as the exclusive reserve for men.
Indeed, children whether male or female are the gift from God. What is important is the value, discipline, education, social and spiritual orientation which parents impart on their children.
The girl-child should be given equal recognition and treatment as the male child. The girl child deserves a place of pride just like the male child. She deserves love, attention and good education. The girl-child unlike the male child, is less vulnerable to crime and social vices. After all, who are the cultists, kidnappers and armed robbers? The chief culprits are the male child, the women only serve as accomplice in some cases. In other words, the girl child often brings joy and honour to the family. S he is not a thief wielding gun around the street nor the cultist terrorising the neighbourhood.
Let’s discard the notion that the girl child is inferior or less human than the male child. Let parents cherish, nurture and value that beautiful daughters of theirs. Let parents educate their girl child in the same measure as their male children. Let parents bequeath the same legacy to their girl child as their male children. Let the society abolish those traditions and custom that says the girl child has no right to hereditary. Let the society esteem the girl child just as the male child. Let us see children whether male or female as precious gift and heritage of God.