girl prayingTHE churches are right in saying that God forgives every thing. And really forgives.  Contrary to man, who goes on condemning a person even after he has atoned for some trivial offence and thus, burdens himself with a double guilt by such thoughts, because, he does not act according to the will of God. Here human love is lacking in justice.
The activity of the Divine Creative will purify every human spirit of its guilt as soon as it strives upwards, whether through its own experiences or through its voluntary efforts at improvement. If it returns to the Spiritual Realm from these milts in the world of matter, it will then stand pure in the kingdom of its creator, it matters not what its guilt may have been. Just as pure as one who has never yet sinned, but first, his path will take him through the activity of Divine Laws and in this fact lies the quarantee of Divine forgiveness of His Mercy.
Abd-ru-shin says that, it is only what the spirit wills in any action that is decisive for the Divine Laws in Creation. This spiritual will, however, is not thought – activity, but the deepest intuitive perception, the actual volition within man, which alone can set in motion the laws of the beyond and indeed does so automatically. So, rid yourselves of the habit of measuring according to earthly standards. God’s Justice and God’s love are concerned with the human spirit material substance has nothing whatever to do with this. It is only formed by the human spirit itself and has no life without spirit.
His forgiveness lies in Justice nothing else. And in this uncondition Justice, also, lies the great love which hitherto have been so misunderstood. But He was and is and remains perfect, regard less of men’s attitude to this.
Abd-ru-shin the author of “in the light of truth” says all who once rejected word at the time of Christ are today reincarnated on this earth to settle accounts. Now, they no longer have the right to be forewarned and to make a second decision. In the two thousand years, they have had time enough to change their minds. Also, he who absorbs a wrong interpretation of God and his creation and does not exert himself to grasp it more purely, has not absorbed it at all. Indeed, it is far worse for a wrong belief keeps one back from grasping the truth. Ignorance they say is never an excuse.
But woe unto him who in order to attract followers, falsifies or perverts the truth because, men find it more agreeable in an easier form. He not only burdens himself with the quilt of falsification and deception, but in addition, he also, bears the whole responsibility for those whom he was able to attract to himself by making it more convenient or acceptable.
When his hour of retribution comes, he will not be helped. He will fall into the abyss from which there can be no return and right. This John was also, permitted to see and warn against in his revelation.
And when the great purification begins man will now have no time to rebel or even to stem this happening. The Divine Laws which man so much likes to picture wrongly will then take inexorable effect. Just in the most terrible tribulation of the times that the earth has ever experienced, humanity will at last, learn that God’s love is far removed from the softness and weakness which man so audaciously ascribed to it.
More than half of all the men living at the present time do not belong on this earth at all. Already, for thousands of years, this mankind have sunk so low and live so strongly in the darkness, that through their unclean volition they have built many bridges to dark spheres which are far below this earthplane. There live those who have sunk deeply, whose ethereal weight would never have permitted the possibility of their rising to this earthplane.
Abd-ru-shin says that, this formed a protection both for all those living on earth and for these dark one themselves. They are separated by the natural law of ethereal gravity. Down below they can give full vent to their passions and all baseness, without doing any harm. On the contrary. There their unrestrained indulgence only strikes those of a like nature, whose base way of living similarly also, affect them. Thus, they suffer mutually, which leads to maturing, but not to further guilt. For through the suffering loathing themselves may in time awaken and with it also, the desire to escape from this region.
Gradually, the desire leads to an enganising despair, which may finally, results in the most fervent prayers and where with in an earnest volition to do better. This is how it should be. But through men’s wrong volition things developed differently. Through their dark volition, men built a bridge to the region of Darkness. Thus, they held out a hand to those living there, making it possible for them to rise to the earth through the power of attraction of similar species. Here they naturally also, found the opportunity for a fresh incarnation, which was not yet intended for them in the normal course of world events.
Abd-ru-shin says that, for on the earth – plane, where through the medium of gross-matter, they can live together with those who are more luminous and better, they only do harm and thereby burden themselves with fresh guilt. This they cannot do in their lower region, for the depravity is only beneficial to their homogeneous kind, because, ultimately, they only recognize themselves as they really are and come to abhor their baseness, which helps towards improvement.
Man has now disrupted this normal course in all development through the base use of his free will, with which he formed ethereal bridges to the region of darkness, so that those who had sunk there could be thrown onto the earth – plane, like a rabble, who now joyfully pepulate the greater part of it.
Since luminous souls must retreat before the darkness, where latter has gained a firm foothold, it was easy for the darker souls, who had no right to be on the earth-plane, also to incarnate, sometimes where otherwise, only a luminous soul would have entered. In such a case the dark soul has found an anchorage through some person near the prospective mother, enabling it to assert itself and push aside the light soul, even when mother or father belong to the more luminous ones.
This also clears up the puzzle of how many a black sheep could come to good parents. However, if a prospective mother takes more heed of herself and of her immediate surroundings, of those with whom she associates, this can not happen.
Abd-ru-shin opines that, it should be recognised only as love when at last, the final effect of the laws sweeps away from the earth – plane in full justice, those who do not belong here, so that, they fall into that realm of darkness to which by their nature they definitely belong. Thus, they can no longer hinder the ascent of the more luminous ones, nor burden themselves with fresh guilt but perhaps still, after all, mature through disgust at their own experiences.
The time will certainly come when the hearts of all men will be seized with an iron grip, when spiritual arrogance will be uprooted in every human creature with tremble restlessness. Then, every doubt which today prevents the human spirit from recognising that Divinity is not in him but, high above him, will also disappear. That it can only stand as the purest image on the altar of his innerself.
Peace and joy.