Dr Tunji Abayomi, a Constitutional lawyer, has said that the allegation by the Directorate of State Security (DSS) that the APC planned to hack into INEC’s database was baseless.
Abayomi, in a statement he issued in Abuja, described the allegation as “hogwash’’
It would be recalled that Ms Marylin Ogar, the DSS Deputy Director, Public Relations, had at a media briefing in Abuja made the allegation.
She had accused the APC of cloning INEC’s Permanent Voters Cards (PVC).
Abayomi however advised the APC leadership to warn DSS, and remind the Service of its responsibility to the country’s Constitution and citizens’ liberties.
“In my view, the best answer to DSS is to simply dismiss the allegations as hogwash, just as APC earlier did.
“APC should go further to warn DSS, which should remind itself of its responsibility to the nation’s Constitution, and put the liberties of her citizens and institutions above its commitment to government.
“The allegation by DSS of inflated party membership registration, registration of members of security services, et cetera, as APC members, also amounts to nothing,’’ he said.
The lawyer said every Nigerian who understood the difference between a government and a nation should be disturbed about the DSS invasion of the APC database late last year.
“When did party membership registration turn to a crime warranting the deep interest of a national security body like DSS?
“Now that APC too has dismissed the allegation as worthless, we hope the DSS will prove its allegation of wrongdoing in the court,’’ he said.
Abayomi said that there was nothing special about hacking, arguing that any system that desired to preserve its database must know everything about hacking to protect its database from potential hackers.
“Anyone who wants to know about hacking or the possibility of hacking needs only to sensibly access the hacking software free download on the internet,’’ he said.