She has three kids already from previous relationships, and so does he, yet Ibinabo Fiberisma’s husband, Uche Egbuka, says their love for kids might prompt them into having more kids together as a couple.
“Well she has three and I have three kids, although people have been reporting she has 6 and I have 6. Right now, we both have 6 kids but ultimately we are going to have more kids, either we adopt or help people raise theirs but at some point we may still have ours because we are still young and can have more kids but right now, we are not planning.
“The next couple of years will be very busy. I am a clinical director so I have a lot of work on my hands. Right now, we are not planning on that but we are not ruling it out either.”
He also confessed that her kind nature and her love for children are among the many qualities that endeared her to him.
According to Mr. Egbuka, “She (Ibinabo) is easily the kindest person I know and one thing we have in common is that we both love children a lot. One of my dreams someday is to open up an orphanage and I already see her doing a lot of things I would love to do. She is an easy person to love, she is very dedicated and loyal.
“Something a lot of people don’t know about Ibinabo is that she is a very good cook. The best cook I have ever met. My kids love her absolutely and her kids love me too. It’s not something that happened by accident. I think this is just the right time and I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.”
He also maintained that he had since adopted a thick skin against all kinds of negative stories about his wife in the media.
“It is very easy for blogs or people to sit behind their computers and write things about somebody you don’t know anything about. She is just a face you see on T.V or paper to many people. Nobody knows her real story. A lot of people just write what they want. I have known her since we were like 17,18 so nobody out there can tell me who IB is.
“Nobody can define her for me. I am a strong man so I know who wears the pants. At the same time I am not going to disrespect my wife. She is extremely submissive and if I could design a wife for myself, I couldn’t have gotten it any better. She is my best friend. We think alike and we share the same goal. For both of us, it’s not about what we can take out of life but what we can give.” he said.