npa LAGOS – The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has said that it would disallow intruders from carrying out illegal businesses at the ports.
The Apapa Port Manager, Mr Nasir Mohammed, told newsmen in Lagos that the port was meant for legitimate business activities.
According to him, access into the ports must remain restricted to ensure the safety of workers at the ports.
“On the issue of access control, the port continues to remain a security facility and for that reason, access into the port must be regulated.
“Especially in view of current situations that have been happening across the country; so, we have never taken it for granted.
“We have continued to ensure that there must be maximum security provided in the port.
“So, for this reason, the Port Police and the NPA security personnel have been doing their best and we’ll continue to encourage them, especially in ensuring that people that have no legitimate business in the port do not get into the port.”
The port manager said further that the management would continue to ward off squatters from the port.
“Last year, we undertook operations to dislodge squatters and other people that have no business in the port, especially around the customs areas and is going to be a continuous exercise.
“We usually collaborate with the customs and other agencies inside the port, to ensure that we rid the port of people that have no legitimate business inside the port.’’
Reports state that the port security operatives at the gate subjected pedestrians to multiple checks, requesting for valid photo identity cards, in addition to other security checks.