The All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate, Esan South East for the Edo State House of Assembly Mr. Edughele Festus Igbelokoto has stated that placing of one’s pocket over and above community enhancement has predominantly led to the abandonment of constituency projects by serving legislators.
The candidate, said if elected he hoped to have quarterly interactions through town-hall meetings with his constituents to know their needs and how to attract projects to the area.
The candidate who observed that democracy is an evolving process promised not to betray the trust of the electorate since the APC has come with a serious wind of change. This is why membership is swelling by the day, he opined.
Mr. Edughele Igbelokoto who re-stated his commitment to serve his people, noted that as a grassroots politician he got eighty percent of the votes cast at the primaries to emerge as the party candidate.
While hoping to attract project to his constituency, he revealed that he had to show purposeful leadership by presently re-establishing electricity at Ohordua, stressing that the project is presently nearing completion.
Frowning at the attitude of politicians who decamp when their desires to serve is not achieved, he stated that he chose to remain in APC to make a change not running away from it and making comments from outside as some people do.
He called on people who have no business vying for political positions to stay off if they are not ready to actualize their political promises. He therefore called on the electorate to hold him accountable for all promises made.