Pope Francis
Pope Francis

A few years ago the Roman Catholic Church cardinals left agonistic Europe and went to South America to mint a new pope. Some argued then that he was still European because his parents had migrated from Italy and that therefore he is just a chip of the old block. That may be so but Pope Francis is a pope that loves God. So far he is the best pope I have seen within the last few years of becoming pope and often I am to say that he is the pope of all times. I recognize that he is a rookie even now but look at his records thus far:
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936 (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) Pope Francis, the current pope of the Catholic Church. He was ordained a catholic Priest in 1967. Have worked briefly as a chemical technician night club bouncer before sojourning his seminary studies.
In 1998, Pope Francis emerged the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and was later created a cardinal in 2001 by Pope John Paul II.
Throughout his endeavours , both in the public cycle and as an individual, Pope Francis was noted for imbibing the spirit of humanity, especially in his concern for the poor and his commitment towards dialogue as a means to building bridges between people of various beliefs in the society. Since assumption of office as the Pope of the Catholic Church, he has continually reaffirmed the church’s doctrine against certain factors, including abortion, artificial contraception, homosexuality, same sex marriage pervading the society. He described such factors as horrific in the sight of God, just as he stressed that women should be accorded value. He further reiterates that it was unholy for anyone to say he/she follows Jesus Christ but reject the church as he also emphasized on the need for Christians to owe it as an obligation to always support charitable initiatives that would help touch on the lives of the poor.
Pope Francis recognizes the fact that “my people are poor and I am one of them” explaining his decision to live in an apartment and cook his own supper. Pope Francis has always advised his priests to show mercy and apostolic courage and keep their doors open to everyone as that is the worst thing that could happen to the church.
To show his humility and simplicity, Pope Francis always wants people to know that he is not a superhero. On the other hand, he is probably just the most popular pontiff ever.
He has urged his bishops and cardinals to have a chat with the congregation to get the pulse of the people on divorce, gay relationships, women ordination, etc. Why? He recognizes that the Spirit could reveal God’s intention via anybody. And he does not want to miss any of God’s messages. On the Poor; his record speaks for itself. Refugees fleeing Mid-east, Africa, and South America to seek greener pastures have been a repetitive part of his homilies. He often calls on the Developed Nations to understand the plights of these refugees and to open their doors a little wider; to spend less on war mongering and more on feeding his sheep. He is more at home at ghettos than at presidential mansions just his Master was.
On World Peace: the latest is the reconciliation of US and Cuba. This cold war has been fought for over 50 years under several popes. But not one was able to reconcile the differences but this pope has done that. Some of the past popes were either afraid of a superpower or even in collusion with the superpower. Not this His Holiness. He speaks out each time there is conflict admonishing the aggressors and asking for more funds for the victims on both sides; be them Muslims or Christians or atheists.
On Religious Unity. To Pope Francis, we are all God’s children. His visits with Muslim clerics, with rabbis, with Protestant bishops, etc., are proof of his acknowledgment of universality of God’s acceptance.
On his Roman Catholic Church: he is too humble to know that we have all fallen short of God’s glory, expectations and standards. He is trying to reform the church from within as this his Christmas message shows nobody can say enough about this man of God what he is doing. At a period when we are seeing so many people hiding behind the Cross to do evil, it is a breath of fresh air to see that there is an exception. Christ’s last word to Peter was a commission: FEED MY SHEEP.
His guest for the propagation of peace and bridging the gap between the upper and lower class through the catholic do no doubt has stood him out amongst successive popes.
This is a man who is doing the work of God. We shall all go and do likewise so that the world will be a better place to live in.