Jonathan and Buhari
Jonathan and Buhari

POWER is the phenomenon of influence over persons, circumstances and forces, which conduces unconditionally to the actualization of one’s desires.
Power expresses in different forms. Thus we have spiritual power, intellectual power, creative power, and will power, sex power, physical power, force (military) power, political power, economic power, etc.
Spiritual power is the real thing, the sublime power; the essence of power, what in common parlance may be referred to as the power behind power. The one may or may not be religious. Suffice it to say here that by it one is in tune with God and therefore one receives inspiration directly from the source. At the same time one is in synergy with the creative force of life and all energy in creation becomes available to one and so one succeeds deftly in whatever one undertakes. It is this power that gives one all authority in heaven and on earth that makes one to be obeyed by all even by the winds and seas. It gives one charisma and one finds favour with nature and man. It makes one invincible, for angels are on guard over one. As it is ordained, “Touch not my anointed…” “Do my prophet no harm “ No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper…”
In this treatise I am concerned with political power It is the authority by which one rules over the community and exacts compliance from others, and one’s will alone prevails. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is the easiest way to obtain glory in every society, and as an avenue to amass wealth in a decadent community where political office is seen as spoils rather than for service to the people. Political power in a democracy is transient and it has to be renewed periodically, if possible.
Any person who desires or has the inspiration to move the society in a certain direction must seek a political office, and it is the ultimate political office in the land that confers the authorization to exercise full power. Position may be bought but power cannot be bought. Position may be transferred but power cannot transferred. There is no regency for power. Power is within. It is personal Consciousness. Power defies modesty or humility. The person who is power conscious grasps more authority and purvey his own importance. It is power that one needs to be causally important in life. A person who has no power within will bungle the office. A powerful person can make whatever position or designation he or she occupies to be the nerve centre of the system.
Source Of Power
To the religiously inclined power is said to be from above. For those with science bias power is congenital, In metaphysics power is from within. The three views all point to the fact that, power is a personal characteristic. Power is not corporeal. It is a mental function
Power is a gift of nature and it is in degree. No one is completely destitute of it. The highest degree of it is genius. As of every sublime gift of nature during gamete formation the best, the strongest and the most desirable genes that determine the personality attributes that confer power contained in the genetic code of the parents right from ancestral inheritance sort out, and these genes and chromosomes bearing them which are invariably flawless and in correct number arrange themselves in perfect patterns in the gametes of both parents, and remain so at fertilization and in the, recombination of genes in the zygote. The general condition of pregnancy is favourable. The upbringing redounds to the development of power loving rather than subservience
Nature is not profligate with such super-giftedness It bestows it once in a blue moon and it can be through any families of every walk of life, social stratum or race. However, with careful selection of marriage partners and conscientious upbringing these gifts could be accentuated in the family gene pool.
Power is inherent in every life in different forms and in varying degrees. No one is totally destitute of it as no one also can soar to perfection. Some people manifest immense power far north vast to be easily comprehended. Underlying every power manifested is the consciousness of power to that degree. Habit of Command does boost power. One can develop power but it cannot exceed its potentiality. Sustained good effort is put in to reach and maintain the peak of one’s Potentiality. Thus Newton could be so
Absorbed in his work as to forget his meal; Einstein could be so carried away in his thought as to miss his way home. The intellectual geniuses work hours unend in their studies. In the same geniuses of political power like Stalin, Mao, and those of sent times work all hard in their choice of power as career. Some people may not strain themselves to attain and maintain excellence their field of interest or pursuit. Others must need to put in arduous effort. Some others may even stress themselves out and yet fall short of their aspiration.
Nature Of Power
Power is of the mind, and I would like to regard it as a form of mental energy. In a broad sense the terms, power and energy, are correlative and can be interchanged. In the nuances of specificity I use power to describe the outcome or effect of one’s desire and energy to connote the driving force or fire behind the outcome or effect.
Like physical forms of energy mental forms of energy are inter transformable. The mechanism of transformation is switch of attention and predominant consciousness or what may be termed attitude of mind. Concentration stimulates the respective orbital of these forms in the brain, using the term orbital to describe the region in the brain with the highest probability or density of locating the source of these mental forms of energy. Focusing attention orient the mental consciousness from one form of energy to another form on which the interest is beamed. This other form comes to predominate. The total amount of mental energy of a person is constant. In this view if much of mental energy is devoted to one form, say intellectual pursuit, there will be less of it for any other form, say, politics. In same manner if much of the energy is expended in theoretical dissertation or philosophy there will be less of it for practical purposes. These forms of mental energy are not rigid entities, independent of one, another but they are interconnected fictions of the same system in a constant state of flux expressing in the shape of ripples or pseudopodia. However, the preponderant application of one form diminishes the virile expression of others. If mental energy is spread for many interests the person could become versatile but he or she cannot be a colossus in any of the fields.
Excellence is attained through commitment. One becomes an adept the field one has devoted all one’s attention. Two or more passions cannot be expressed signally successfully at the same time. The man with an exceptional goal pays an exceptional devotion his mission. He cannot afford to be distracted and dissipate his energy. He mobilizes his whole energy and harnesses it single-mindedly mindedly towards his goal, and his performance is smashing. When there is intensity of interest the passion is incensed and concentration is enhanced. The man becomes receptive to guida and instruction from above and so, he finds easy solutions to seemingly complex problems. When one is incensed one becomes charged and emanates real current, which is either positive or negative depending on the stuff fed to the mind. If the thoughts are wholesome, strong, courageous and optimistic the current forms a positive aura about the person and he or she becomes magnetic and irresistible. Such a person becomes a charismatic leader and everyone coming in contact with him or her feels a scintillating sensation. His presence, name or photograph conjures reverence. Self-doubt is the archenemy of expression of power. The thought is one of criticism, cynicism, pessimism, fear, anxiety, diffidence, I vacillation, the current is negative and the atmosphere surrounding one is one of despise and repulsion. If the person chances to be a leader, he or she may be good-natured, but he or she will be we treated with contempt and undermined.
A professor of politics has set his mental energy oriented to intellectual power. Political power is exercise of authority and it is practical as against theory of the intellectual. Practical politics is fraught with maneuvering, intrigue, wire-pulling, dissembling deception, double-think and double speak, taking men for what they are and not what they ought to be and so on. These characteristic are circumstantial trump cards and are used covertly. How to do these things cannot be learned in any textbook. It is of innat character or as the case may be it is developed in the mind’s workshop. A man who orients his mentality towards this attitude in the real politician; for in reality, man is a fickle creature who should not be taken for granted. Theory and practice are one spectrum and therefore are complementary to each other. Theory without practice is useless while practice without theory is dangerous. An empirical politician is a dangerous craggy-face buffalo. The leader could be a stack illiterate, partially educated or well educated. Those who have expended too much of their mental energy in philosophical pursue of knowledge may not have enough sense left to play in the arena of practical politics. This is how a professor of politics may to rely for political direction on a man or woman not educated or not educated at all. However it should be realized that sack of formal education does not connote lack of intelligence or good sense. Other than clout and wherewithal, which are external factors the plausible explanation could be that the not-so educated not highly educated but highly successful politician has the talent for politics. He is an original thinker and politicking comes naturally to him. But the professor of politics may have only studied politics out of circumstances and not out of gift or interest. It is possible for someone to be clever without being wise. Politics calls for practical wisdom. One must think and plan; one must be ejaculating. In politic one good turn does not necessarily deserve other. Politicians are after two self interest. One should be weary of deferring to others and be careful not to become anyone’s cat’s paw. Anyone who is gifted with a political talent as with any other talent will be inspired as to the ways and means of accomplishing his or her object and consequently he or she attains that object with facility. A person moved by mere interest needs to apply greater effort and pay more attention to succeed in his or her enterprise than the gifted one or, as it is commonly said, one who has the calling. The mission of political power, leadership or statesmanship is a demanding one. It is not for the faint-hearted. Whether inspired by talent or interest the fire of desire heeds to be kept red-hot to mobilize and sustain sufficient amount of energy to give one the stamina to carry through.
The forms of mental energy can be classified into clans. Intellectual power, creative power, political power could be grouped as a clan; will-power, force-power, physical power could be grouped as another clan; sex power, social power, economic power, are yet? another clan. There is a base level of each of the forms of energy in every being. Only a negligible number may be completely destitute of one form or the other while also only a negligible number may be at the opposite end and soar to the peak of one form or the other of mental energy. The vast majority of people endowed with what may be considered the normal range of mental energy. The absence of a form of mental energy is impotence. The person is said to be one of sexless, powerless, penniless, slow-witted as the case may be. If a person is characterized by several of these deficits then he or she has a low mental energy) potential.
The availability of mental energy is potency, which is the no state. The person has no peculiarity. A high amount of me energy is dynamism – the person is said to be a live wire, verve, powerful, brainy, sexy, tycoon, etc. An excessive amount raise eyebrow — the person is described by such terms as genius, avarice, mida’s touch, inordinate ambition, satyriasis, nymphomania etc. person characterized by many of these positive qualities has a hi mental energy potential. Each person has a given level of mental energy and for any person the total amount of mental energy constant. However, the component forms of mental energy as afore mentioned are not fixed but fluid so that the form predominant held in mental consciousness comes into prominent expression. Why are some people, say, more powerful or sexy than others. Basically, because of hormones, which mobilize mental energy, hormonal levels vary in people. This is nature. Secondarily, could be due to one’s level of self-control or upbringing Development of mental energy follows the normal course of development with age. Sometimes a promising child will shrivel while an ugly duckling can soar in later life. Development of the mental energy potential is essential otherwise one remains stunt hence, one could be a political cretin if one hinders oneself for participating in active politics.
Mobilization of mental energy to power is analogous to generation of electricity. The combustion of the fuel takes place in the motor and it builds up pressure that drives the piston, resulting force is converted by the armature to electric current. The specific hormones act on the forms of mental energy and convert them to electrical current as impulses, building up a pressure which impels the impulses along the nerve pathway to the point of active and radiate out of the body forming an envelope around the person as aura when positive or miasma of repulsion when negative power mobilized must find an outlet for expression. Otherwise, mechanism will shut off to save the brain being blown out by built-up pressure (which thereby becomes tension). Thought or feeling is the factor that controls the transmission channel, optimistic and genial thoughts dilate the channel. Normally, outlet is wholesome and the power expresses in the substance. If normal channel is inhibited the power will find an outlet perversion which is an unwholesome orientation. Thus by perversion sex energy (libido) is channeled into a variety forms as homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, masochism, sadism, etc. Perversion of political power results in clannishness, xenophobia, etc. There are also turncoats who are nothing but political flirts and prostitutes shacking up in political parties as convenient. These also are political perverts; they have no convictions. Perversion of economic power finds an outlet in confidence trick, swindling, fraud, fake products, adulteration, racketeering, etc. Persistent negative orientation drains one of the appeals of the substance and establishes a predilection for perversion and finally loses the skill of the real thing even when one desires it. For this reason a perverted businessman can never do clean business no matter how hard he tries. He sees himself cheated or is actually cheated in every clean business. A person drained of sex appeal becomes repulsive to the opposite sex for a serious affair. A politician drained of charisma’ becomes a political cipher. The electorates rebuff him. Outside physiological and psychological disorder one could be inhibited by choice — morality. This assertion holds true if really there is self-control otherwise it would point to low fire in the individual or a confused mental state, not knowing what one wants. In this case one may not be expressive in the normal way and yet is not perverted. He or she transmutes the sex drive into another calling. Irrespective of the force of the drive, which can overcome any barrier, scruple or inhibition, no matter how little, can douse the fire.
Loss leads to a greater loss. Persistent indulgence in sorrow produces a depressive mood and sends out vibrations of fear and Insecurity. It exposes one as a ready dupe and someone to be despised and undermined at every turn. One becomes an unperson, and a victim of the predatory world.
On another note, too many irons in the fire send conflicting stimuli to the brain. It leads to nerve jamming resulting in Confusion. One can no longer concentrate on any one interest, one’s mental energy becomes dissipated, and then one falls into mental Stupor and achieves no result. One loses assertiveness and can no longer fight for one’s right. Negative stimuli as fear, diffidence, and self-doubt are destructive. They smother the fire. One loses power. When the inhibitory stimulus is however withdrawn and thoughts of Outage are built up the fire is rekindled, power regenerated and one bubbles with life. The state of atrophy is reversed and one is reactivated.
As said, negative stimuli inhibit the flow of current, and degausses one of personal charm. Acute sense of self-worth wholesome habits, and congenial thoughts conduce to the flow of current that makes for personal magnetism and draw people, things and forces to one’s service.
Personal Magnetism
Personal magnetism is construed as charisma or aura. It is of the same fundamental phenomenon as magnetism in metal elements.
It should be realized than man is basically composed of atomic particles as electrons, protons, neutrons and other sub particles. Man is therefore capable of being charged or electrified.
Electricity flows from a point of higher potential to one of lower potential. But then a circuit will have to be established between them. Also, there needs to be a polarity. The polarity man is simply the interest between the persons or the interest of the person for the thing. The circuit is one of mental and it is wireless transmitting through any medium and for infinite distance.
Magnetism in a body is due to circulating or spinning charges inside the atoms and hence to its equivalent electric current. The intensity of magnetization is a function of the inner drive of the man that may be regarded as his effective nuclear charge. The person has to be charged to build up a personal force, which is the; magnetizing field intensity. When the magnetizing field intensity is of sufficient strength the person is irresistible. An inert body cannot attract because it is not charged and therefore not electrified. A situation can arise when people no loüger have appeal for each other; or for the object .once earnestly yearned for. They can be said to reach a magnetic saturation with their object. This happens when their potentials have been equalized. To postpone this indefinitely: an external agency, a point of inexhaustible interest or a cause of common joy which in technical terms may be compared to a Van de.. Graff machine or chemical battery to maintain a permanent difference of potential will need to be quickly established to sustain a continuous flow of current and therefore the attraction between the persons or of the person for the object. People who are sufficiently highly charged or stimulated are not readily put off their mission They are strong, courageous, and determined.
People can become degaussed or demagnetized when they no longer generate mental current. Psychological depression is a serious offender. This is especially for those who are sufficiently charged or those with low inner worth. Here lies the bane of levity or frivolity. It is very difficult if not impossible to demagnetize a man of high coercive force or magnetizing field intensity of sufficient strength or whose dynamo is supercharged.
Magnetic force attracts. Magnetic susceptibility is a quality of a body that makes for the ease of magnetizing it. An easily magnetized body is prone to be easily hypnotized or mesmerized. Forces of attraction and repulsion operate in political terrain as in elements. The force of attraction builds up a large following for a politician while the force of repulsion repels the people. A weakly motivated aspirant will be easily mesmerized or hoodwinked out of the race. Therefore, for a man to attain political power as any other thing worth having like wealth or love of the opposite sex, he has to be highly charged and consulted with the zeal for power. or the object. Sometimes it is found that a drab personality can win a coveted power or object. Surely, he wins not on his personal merit but on the goodwill of some other person. He has become magnetic through charging by induction. However, such a person should be praised for gaining the confidence of the kingmakers.
There are two forces of attraction. These are electrical force, and gravitational force. Electrical force is shown to be about 10 times as great as gravitational force. Thus attraction due to electrical force is more binding than that of gravitational force. Personal charm is an electrical force. This is love. It is an unconditional attraction. It binds. It is lasting. It is excused of all faults. Rationalized attraction or inducement is of gravitational force. It is conditional and if the situation that gives rise to the attraction shifts the bond will crack. In politics use of terror is very potent being of electrical force while appeal is of gravitational force and therefore is a weaker bond.
Driving Force
Man builds machines. Hardly is it realized that man himself is the greatest machine. Save the vital functions of the body, which are under the autonomic nervous system man is practically actuated by will. Hence the aphorism that with will man can accomplish anything. Man works up himself by predominantly thinking of the matter to the point of obsession. The intensity of interest and passionate desire to obtain it builds up a sufficiently high aggressive pressure. This Constitutes the driving force or impulsion
The real requirement of man is to make the right choice. One should plan very thoroughly before choosing a career making a move. The first step is the decisive factor. Once one has made up one’s mind one can readily build up the driving force that takes one to the object. One’s choice should therefore be the best the strongest, and the most desirable, the attainment of which will give one lasting satisfaction. If one has a predilection for or one’ ability can only get one the less than the best one should have the courage to bear up with what one gets and not out of covetousness or inferiority complex becomes discontented with what one has got. If one desires the superlative one should first build up the skill and confidence to measure up to the standard. If one has made a right choice all the mobilized energy will be profitably utilized. If one puts oneself into the wrong track the energy will be burnt out and dissipated with nothing to show for it but regret. One should not take a defeat or setback too seriously. Just learn the lesson, keep it behind one, and move ahead. If one takes one’s action as a mistake it becomes as such. If one has really made a mistake no amount of self-deceit can efface it, but a correct move. If one’s move has been in the wrong track one should not hesitate to shake off the error an start a new course. It is said that anyone who puts his or her hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom…. He may no be fit for that particular kingdom but there are so many both kingdoms open to man. One should not make a fetish of fidelity. If one had not claimed well one could by trial and error find the kingdom for which one is suited, though at a great cost of time energy and material resources,
The relevance of this to quest for power is that when one is obsessed with power, thinks of it all the time and becomes intensely interest and engrossed in it one will surely get it. What amount of power one gets depends on the degree of power one thinks of an one’s own self-esteem.
Power Drive
We hear of sex drive, sex appeal etc. The same phenomenon applies to power. Thus we have power drive, power appeal or power personality. Power drive is the Strong natural urge of a person to acquire power over others. High power drive will get one far. Wavering power drive will grope in the misty corridor. Low power drive will nestle one among the dross and scrap of humanity.
Power appeal is the aura or charm of a person, which enchants other people by which they defer to him or her and always want to give him or her a position of authority. The person can. be said to have power personality. Every quality of man is characterized by accretion and so to a man who has the quality more of it will be given to him.
Success demands drive, that forceful  quality of mind that gets things done. A person who aspires to the leadership position of a community should have a vigorous and not munien-minien attitude to life.
Basically the fuel behind the energy is derived from the nourishment of the brain. Glucose is the fuel for the brain. Amino acids are the building blocks of the brain cells, most of the hormones and all the enzymes. It is honnones that control the functioning of the brain. Vitamins and minerals though in trace amount are very vital in the process. In psychological sense enthusiasm is the oxidizing agent. Anyone engaged in any process requiring mental power needs to be well nourished and have enough reserves of both physical and mental energy to sustain him or her in the exacting mission of his or her calling. One may need to fast at some point in time and be somehow ascetic to deepen one’s spirit or mind. Self- denial should not become one’s lifestyle nor should one starve oneself unnecessarily. A cause of failure of those who pride themselves a vegetarians and ascetics is that when the exacting task is not accomplished in a short space of time but rather drags on for years their vitality becomes impaired and their sense of tactical calculation diminished. The will is not everything. The will, in fact, the totality of man needs sustenance.
The Lift-Off
The first step is the critical move. Form the right association. Join the right party where one has the chance to grow. Setting out on one’s mission one must come out with full force. One must have done one’s homework accurately, harness all one’s energy and focus it intently on one’s sole mission. One must not look back for he who looks back will deliquesce.
Taking a cue from the launching of the space rocket one needs to fire all one’s motors at once to give one the powerful thrust to swiftly gain an escape velocity against pull-down
syndrome of petty competitive politics. With that tremendous speed one will also acquire a momentum that will sustain one through the course
Life is energy. Energy it is that keeps life going. Energy is required for both concentration and effort. One must utilize one’s mobilized energy efficiently. Concentration is the key to efficiency. Distraction results in loss of energy and builds up strain and tension. Concentration and passion are the primary attributes that constitute the capacity to succeed. Effort is secondary. Power lies in concentration. Concentration is the pass-partout to success in one’s endeavour. Rate is a derivative of concentration as well as of passion. One should be passionate about superlative performance. ! Nothing can resist an incensed passion. Passion engenders vitality, which arrests attention and enchants. For a given piece of work within a time limit the result is determined by an interaction of concentration, effort, passion and rate. In a normal situation where all the conditions of performance are suitable the between concentration and effort is one of inverse. When concentration is high effort is minimal and vice can be expressed graphically as follows.
This happens because concentration and effort are complementary to accomplishing a piece of work. If one concentrates one readily accomplishes the task but if one is distracted one needs to apply oneself much more to accomplish the job.
In like manner the relationship between passion and time is one of inverse proportion.
P P P P__
T T T T The product of each pair is constant for any given person. Thus we have the equation for concentration and effort as follows: G E1 = c2 E2
And for passion and lime as P1 T1 = P2 T2
It is an aphorism that if the iron is hot one does not waste time in ironing. Again the relationship between passion and rate is one of direct proportion. The relationship between concentration and rate is also one of direct proportion. Thus, passion and rate, we have: P1 = P2 concentration and rate we have C1 = C2
R1 R2.
When the passion is fervid or the rate is high it takes less time to attain one’s object.
Concentration, passion, effort, rate are personal attributes that constitute the capacity of one to succeed. There is a maximum potential of each for any person. Intelligence tells what to do. Good sense directs right. Feeling gives the soul. Energy accomplishes.
Now we have been concerned with passion, concentration, rate of performance and time as they bear upon personal efficiency in the acquisition, retention and use of power as of any other human drive. One needs to be efficient to succeed deftly within the capacity of one’s potential. Efficiency is enhanced as the whole mobilized energy is harnessed for the task with minimal loss of any bit of it through excitation, dullness or distraction. This can be likened to a fuel engine. At too high a speed (excitation) energy is lost as too much fuel is released with the consequence of incomplete combustion. At too low a speed (dullness) energy is again lost as the relatively low heat of the engine negates the amount of fuel oxidized. To be efficient one must have a focus on only one drive at a time, concentrate all one’s energy and attention on it and be fervidly passionate about it. One short not sleep. Depression, stupor, and tension are a drain on one’s mental energy. One should be alive, sentient, alert and sharp-witted. Enthusiasm, euphoria are the super-chargers that boost one’s firepower and consequently the drove. Over work, strain, and exhaustion are visible signs of inefficiency.
One should aim high, but it is better for one to succeed on an average aspiration than to waste all one’s effort in pursuit of tall ambition. In any aspiration one may succeed at the last if one tries hard enough, may be, after repeated failures. Failures, however, reed demoralization, disillusionment, and ill feeling. Victory on e other hand is devoid of stress, and it is sweet.
Specific Heat/Kindling Temperature
A very significant personal attribute that determines how far one can go in the field of political power is specific heat. The specific heat of a man determines his emotional stability or temperament. It must be high to sustain one through the difficulties, opposition, frustration, betrayal, strain, etc one is sure to encounter. One must never get daunted as to give up the struggle and the mission.
Every substance has its specific heat capacity. So too every being has his or her specific heat capacity. The specific heat capacity of a substance is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a unit mass of the body by one degree centigrade. One may also speak of the kindling temperature of a substance, which is the lowest temperature at which a substance takes on flame and continues to burn. If the kindling temperature of a person is low his or her passion is easily roused but it is also readily smothered. Easy come easy go! A low specific heat can also be easily roused but the interest can easily quench. A high specific heat needs greater stimulation to excite but it takes a longer time to cool off, and the zeal is consummate. High specific heat develops into keenness whereas low specific heat is characteristic of a passing fad or whim. A man of high specific capacity is undaunted and can be relied on to carry the course through but a man of low specific heat is easily dissuaded and discouraged, and he gives up the struggle too readily.
Life is replete with competition and rivalry. Man must learn to be competitive. Man must learn to fight. Fight! Fight!! Fight!!! Kenny Roger says in his music that one doesn’t have to fight to be a man but sometimes one has to fight when one is a man. Struggle is the fate of man. Never give up, man! It is all in the mind. One defeats or is defeated in the mind. What the mind has not accepted cannot befall one. The outward manifestation is only the minor image of the situation of the mind.
The real great leaders have faith, the sort of faith that can move mountain. How much faith does one need? Faith is not to be measured by size but quality. When the Apostles asked for increased faith Christ rebuffed them. In his teaching on faith Christ illustrated it with the mustard seed, a really tiny seed that grows into the largest of shrubs. A seed, whether it be microscopic or mega large, must fulfill certain conditions to germinate. In analogy to seed germination for faith to flourish it must be viable, whole, and without flaw.
Faith is the mechanism behind every accomplishment. The operation of faith follows the all-or-none law. This law, simply puts, states that an exciting stimulus either reaches a threshold strength, which is the minimum effective strength to produce an impulse or it does not reach it and produces no impulse. There is no half way impulse. Faith is a telepathic stimulus with threshold strength. If the faith stimulus is below the threshold strength it fails to elicit impulse to go to the object of desire and accomplish a result. If the faith stimulus is of thresh strength or above an impulse of maximum magnitude is set up and reaches its object of attention and accomplishes that which the person purposes. Permit this illustration. A good primary six pupil who has prepared perfectly well can score 100% in the primary school leaving certificate. A university graduate taking the same examination cannot score more than 100%. Is the minimum effective faith the same for all cases? Continuing in same vein with the illustration above there is a chronological age and there is a mental age. Let us take two persons of good intelligence, one of chronological age often and the other of twenty-five. The child aged ten will find the work of mental age of ten within easy reach but will find the work requiring a mental age of twenty-five strenuous if not impossible. The man aged twenty- five will find a work of mental age of ten a work-over but will be Just at home with work of mental age of twenty-five. So it is with faith. The strength of faith required depends on the work. Highly resistant situations demand stronger faith, just as Christ said that certain demons could not be cast out by faith alone except it was boosted with prayer and fasting.
Time Factor In Faith Action
Faith is a psycho magnetic force and is transmitted by thought impulses as psycho current or waves. The transmission is wireless like radio waves and it traverses space and time reaching infinite distance in space and as far as the future in time. However, not act in the past. It is ever forward, so that it is dissipation of Valuable and scarce mental energy to ruminate over the past.
The time for its effectiveness is irrespective of the magnitude of the object or distance. “He sent forth this word and healed them and delivered them from destruction.” Again, it is said, “At that instance he pronounced the word the child was healed.” These two instances illustrate the effectiveness of faith over distance and time. There is a relationship between the strength of faith and the time it takes to accomplish an action. Faith has a spectrum of strength. The weakest or minimum strength, that is, the threshold strength will accomplish an action at a longer time. Below the threshold, for infinity, it will never accomplish anything. The strongest or maximum strength produces result promptly. It is said, “Anything is possible unto him who believes.” But there is a proviso, which is, “As your faith is so be it unto you.” A not-too-strong faith needs persistent invocation and maximum exertion to the point of importunity (Luke l8:1-7; Luke 1:5-8).
A faith strong enough to generate a current of sufficient strength brings one’s desire into manifestation promptly.
Exegesis On Some Of The Personal Attributes Of The Leaders:
Personality — first impression is personal appearance. One must build up a personality and myth that elicit awe, and live up to it. One must not be a lamb because in mundane affairs such as politics and business the arena teems with wolves. One must be recognized to be a combination of the lion with its terrorizing cold eyes, deadly sharp claws and teeth, and the puff adder with its fatal strike. One must not be cantankerous but must be ready to strike a devastating blow on opposition or insolence. One must be unforgiving. One must not hold bad. One must be domineering. To do this, one must be natural and not unnecessarily refined but be somehow crude and uninhibited and express oneself fully. Life flows smoothly. However, one must be able to dissemble to camouflage the extent of one’s ambition and ruthlessness.
Aggressiveness — This is the drive to go out, and get one’s way.
Forcefulness — This is the ability to break down any resistance and command and direct, and impose one’s own will. The leader music never allow himself to be hurried by anybody. Any dealing negotiation, or action must be at his own pace. He must have the power of the eyeballs to enchant others as snake does its prey.
Wisdom — This is the flair of knowing the right thing to do by intuition and not having to learn the had way called experience. The very existence of the community is in the hand of the leader and so he should have very acute wisdom so that he should never make mistakes, as any mistakes are very costly and can be fatal to one’s mission and the community.
Sharp or Smart — This means being good, quick and sensitive in thinking and so acts sensibly and to one’s advantage. This entails presence of mind. One must be eternally vigilant and mentally alert. Nothing passes one’s attention.
Creative Mind — Faith does not conceive ideas. It is creative mind that conceives ideas. Faith only quickens the ideas. Creative mind conceives of ideas after its kind. Great creative mind conceives great ideas. Humble creative mind conceives of paltry ideas. A prolific mind reels out ideas upon ideas. The idea is the seed. Whatever a man sows he reaps. If he sows nothing he reaps nothing. If he sows paltry he reaps a scanty harvest. If he sows heroic ideas he reaps phenomenal deeds. It is what the mind can encompass the eye sees. It is possible to have creative mind and faith to the same degree: It is possible to have one without the other in which case there is no achievement. “As a man thinks in his heart so he is.”
Interest or desire — He must be sufficiently inspired not to yield his chances to any other person or become daunted and give up. No other person can implement his programme or materialize his ideas.
Personal Ability — Personal ability is pre-eminent. A well-suited Person Will have ability common sense, and social skill to attract the right connection. However, personal ability supercedes whatever Connections one may be favoured with. There is no gainsaying that connection affords an opportunity to rise to a lofty position but it is one’s energy and skill that determine how one can make the best of any opportunity and convert it to success.