SEX is created and ordained by God. ‘Sex is good” Sex is a physical business with a spiritual effect. God never created sex to be abused. Sex is one of God’s greatest vision for man and the world. Sex was designed to bring about continuity in the human race, Sex is completely spiritual as well as canal (physical), Sex is the sacred part of marriage. Sex is worship. Whenever there is sex, there is worship from both partners. Sex is the highest form of intimacy, sex within marriage attracts God’s blessings, attracts heavenly attention, Sex helps God to fulfil! 90% of his vision to reach men. Without sex, there wouldn’t have been reproduction of generations that will carry the name of greatness. Abraham, God! told him “I II make your name great” This will prove impossible, without reproduction, No sex, no reproduction. Say sex is good. Sex is the antigen and the antidote who makes two flesh to be one flesh “… and the two shall be one flesh”. Sex in marriage makes two different persons that never think the same, act same, come to agreement. Sex makes this two person become one new family. Sex unites both man and the woman’s heart together. Sex is as powerful as death. Sex is as strong as a strong wine. Sex, when started has the power for constant desire for continuity. That is why, it is done by married people who can continue the desire for it sex intoxicates. Sex is never satisfied. Power of sex brings healing to some sick souls, power of sex brings happiness to people. Sex builds generations; sex create intimacy; sex creates access to the spiritual realm. Sex brings, directs, link to powers, beings, to kingdoms. Sex is the strongest form of covenant making. Sex outside marriage is the most disastrous effect on humanity. It is illegal sex and sex is not allowed without marriage. There is no place in the Bible God ever permit man and woman that is not married to have sex. Any time a man has sex with a woman unlawfully God uses this term. “He lay with her”. To ‘lay’ is to sleep with a woman illegally, without a marital agreement or vows. But when the right man for a woman in marriage have sex with the woman, (his wife) the Bible uses this term the man “knew” his wife. Take note of these terms, ‘lay’ slept’, ‘knew’. Sex is the highest form of knowing the possibility for a boy and a girl to have sex which is the ability to gain knowledge of each other beyond the peripheries of relationship. Sex brings deep revelations of each partners (out). Sex is the greatest discovery in a research between a man and woman. Sex has a spiritual implication .Sex in marriage attracts Gods  blessings. It makes whatever you pray about or command as partners to be done. Take advantage of this by satisfying yourself sexually only in marriage. Demons initiate people more through illegal sex outside marriage. It gives the devil a legal ground to afflict you through disease, sicknesses, trouble, problem. Sex out- side marriage makes you to enter the spiritual realm illegally and when you enter the spirit realm illegally, any thing can happen to you. There could be casualties, definitely somebody will be a victim because it was not legal to have sex outside marriage. Young people may not see this truth of any importance. The truth is that you can’t change it; it has been there right from ages and the world go. There is insecurity in illegal sex. don’t only frown at it I also know that demons use it to entrap souls for destruction. God hates it with passion. Sex outside marriage, whether it’s called illegal sex, is a wrong act. It should be condemned, the act should be stopped and wiped out. Stay away from pre-marital sex or sex out side your marriage partners. It gives the devil legal ground to do you anything he wishes. Avoid this and never you give the devil a second to celebrate your defeat. Prove to him you are too big to be in illegal sex. He is a dirty devil. Tell him God made you with all sense of purity so you can’t downgrade, reduce yourself as low to play a dirty game as such. Sex outside marriage is dirty, is indecent, is humiliating, is disgusting, disrespectful, and belittles you. You can go on and on to really show the bad impression from illegal or pre-marital sex. Sex as an act is so powerful that it is the only source of continuity. The power of sex can’t be quantified. The sex world today is basically the reason people are living, working, making money, schooling, building, eating, killing themselves and so on and so forth. People can do anything for sex. In the world today, we have four most powerful classes that control the people on earth these days which are sex world, music world fashion world, information/technology world. Out of these worlds, sex world is the most alarming one of all.
SEX EDUCATION: This is highly needed in our world today. Our teenagers should be fully informed about the do’s and don’t in sex, when to have sex, where, how, what is sex, which is illegal or premarital sex. The truth is that our parents shy away from this topic sex in teaching their children. The funniest things is that most parents fool themselves in a way thinking that teaching their teenagers about sex will make them think about sex, have sex or try to find out how it feels. This looks true, but the real truth is that it is not true. Any parent that don’t want his/her daughter or son to go into sex making should get ready to face the only true and way out by getting the teenage (s) children a chair to receive lessons on sex education. The mother or father is the best person that can teach their children about sex more than anybody because they understand the body mechanism of the children more than any other person. They know to an extent their children emotions resistance, their children time of interest as in opposite sex. All parents should be ready to teach their children the (1). Truth (2). Everything about sex (3). Advantages and disadvantages of sex (4). Man’s view to sex and God’s view about sex outside marriage or pre-marital sex. Come to look at it; parents most times over exaggerate by over emphasizing on some sex points which leads to false teaching in order to put fear in the child or to influence the child to have hatred for pre-marital sex. This may be possible for a while since the teenager may believe the parents for a time. But it will be so disappointing when the teenager latter founds out that his/her parents were trying to scare them away from sex or that their parents never told them the whole truth most especially some basic truths about sex, twisted by the parents. Most teenagers don’t believe their parents anymore when they finds out the real truth about all their parents, told them at their early stage and they stay away from their parents and became more informal. So parents try to teach you children the whole truth.
Everything about sex need to be taught; the origin of sex, the own, plans of sex, usefulness of sex, when to have sex, what is the ideal sex, who to make sex with, where to have sex. This will go a long way for most teenagers to have a decent and a moral attitude towards sex.
• Sex is not to be feared or scared of, but admired to be enjoyed in marriage. Sex is to be respected, is to be loved and most of all, to be honoured. As marriage is honourable, so is love honourable. If you fail to teach your children all the truth about sex your children will learn all the lies and wrong things about sex from bad peers.. Advantages and disadvantages of sex helps to value and evaluate the time perspective of sex. More emphasis should be made on the advantages of sex and it’s disadvantages. The total knowledge about sex in this first century is highly advantageous to the teenagers. It help
teenagers to avoid sex outside marriage, it gives room to mature view about sex. Teens are meant to learn self preservation from sex before marriage. Teenagers should be knowledgeable enough to consciously avoid’ pre-marital sex and remain chaste. Chastity in human race is almost a thing of the past. Chastity is fading out among youths. Chastity is of God, from God, is for men. It makes you decent, disciplined, moral, honourable, respectful. Please go for chastity. The fruit of it is honour, it’s re-warding and dignifying. You may be the only person that God will need to prove to the world that he is Holy, Pure and True. It is not for nothing but for Gods word.
Naturally man moves towards whatever is prohibited. Sex before man is sacred so man like to see what makes it sacred. This made man to be one of the most adventurous being on earth. In doing this, most teens ends up in abortion, taking their own lives, lying about sexual involvement, subjecting themselves to public ridicule,  humiliation and killer diseases. Sex is not to be experienced until married no matter the reason that may be posed to you teen. Knowing this biological or emotional discovery of your self in sex before marriage, even, in courtship, it’s wrong. Yes, when you look into today’s world, to your left, right, front, back and centre, all you see is premarital, causal, illegal sex, love making. Listen my friend, that every body is in it does not make it a way of life, neither has it been accepted by men, let alone of God. Sexual sin may change names, or men may baptize it with various names in order to reduce the fear, the offence to make it acceptable to make generally proved. All of these has not still make God change his mind towards sexual sins or to those who do this sin which is still very much increasing every day. Men are going to hell in a large percent this day through premarital sex. Not all discovery is recovering. Sexual discovery outside marriage has a destructive, downgrading and disgusting effect. At last, our parents are not left out in this whole act, being that they are married doesn’t give them the privilege for the men to go about young teenagers who are not yet matured enough to handle emotions, sex and love, reducing their man-hood and other men folks by having sex with young women outside marriage bed. It is wrong. Stop it. God has never, can never and will never permit sex outside marriage. This act invites curses upon the family. Most times, it throws doors open for scanvegers and devourers to come into the family and therefore the innocent marital legal wife will now spend the rest of her life praying against curses the man deserves a public ridicule or you a lady seeing your past boy friend will all of a sudden go out with him whenever your husband is out or not in town or you sleep around with other men, it is a sin God hates it. Stop it.  Most of you ladies justify yourself that she is good enough be on bed. See, the truth is that no woman can ever be satisfied with her husbands man hood, man can’t be satisfied with his wife’s breast according to Song’s of Solomon. Power of sex can make you or mar you. It will either leave you in eternal joyous celebration or shameful, painful, AIDS/STD, broken home, heart-break celebration. The choice is yours. To my brother and sister who are Aids carrier, there is still hope for you, listen, disease or no disease, you were meant to die. See, just put your mind down to rest and take this most costly hope in the world, that is, to be born again. Not just being a member of a church, or key role players in the church. Yes, all these are very much in place but they are all fruitless efforts if the real thing is not there, the NEW BIRTH.  This is the Christ in you and not your service. This is your right before God and the Visa to Heaven. Friends zero your minds to surrendering fully to Jesus Christ. priceless for doing that now! Don’t let the devil use you as a beautiful weapon in his hands to transfer AIDS to people through you. Or don’t think now that you’re AIDS carrier, so you shouldn’t suffer alone-or die alone, or that someone gave it to you, so you go about transmitting Aids to people making people to become AIDS carriers. See, it is wrong. You’re having the same offence with killers of innocent souls of any kind. Please in the name of God, forgive who ever must have given you AIDS, forgive yourself for being loose and please don’t go beyond here. Definitely, we all must go home (heaven) some days.  My teenager out there, AIDS is real.
The only way out or safest way you can play is total abstinence from sex. Chastity is the final answer, the only language, AIDS understands and respects.  Remain chaste, be chaste. Don’t be deceived my fellow teenagers that are privileged to be virgins.