gridlockTHE Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) being an agency in road traffic administration and road safety management in Nigeria decided to align with the youth, commercial vehicle drivers and other road users on the importance of safety on the road in Edo state.The alignment started with a talk on the necessary things expected of the drivers most especially the youth on what to do before and while driving, it is a well known fact that in Nigeria that during the EMBER months which comprises of September, October, November and December during this period large number of road accident and crashes are recorded because of the rate at which people travel.
Since it usually close to the festive periods and a lot of holidays is given so people use the opportunity to see their loved once whom they have long seen due to their jobs or the locations of their houses and during this people at lot of ceremonies like wedding, birthdays and other functions are fixed in this period because they see it as an avenue to catch up on things they have missed out on.
This is why the Edo state chapter of the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) see it at the best time for sensitization to road users on the necessary pre cautions to be taken while driver either during the EMBER months before and after the ember months focusing on the youth.
As we all know that the youth most especially the males are the ones who usually drink (alcohol) and still drive and when they are not driving, they are the ones that complains that the driver of the commercial vehicle they are on is not driving fast enough and they always want to get to their various destinations early no matter how far it is from their take off points.
The sensitization programme was held at third motor park which is situated in lkpoba- Okha  Local Government Area of Edo state.
The programme that started at the early hours of the day with the arrival of the members of the (FRSC) who are the host of the programme, among them is the Edo state sector commander of the (FRSC) Mr. O.O Familoni, the representative of the lkpoba-Okha Local Government, members of the National Road Union workers Associations, the Edo state traffic management agency, special marshal officers of road safety and the youth arm of the (FRCS) which is the National Youth Service Corps road safety community development group were all present
The theme of the lecture and sensitization programme was “ROAD SAFETY IS A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY IT DEPENDS ON YOU” makes the sector commander to hammer on the use of seat belts to the driver and passengers of commercial vehicles.
Familoni explains that drivers both commercial and private often make use of their seat belts when they sight officials of FRSC on the highway adding that the safety belt is meant for their use and their use only saying that if the seat belt as no use the manufacturers of cars will not have included it the cars.
He said drivers and passengers sitting at the front seats of the vehicle should make it a most that they always wear the seats belt because it helps when an expected event occurs he says it helps to prevents both the driver and passenger from hitting their heads on the windscreen when the driver hits the brakes suddenly.
The sector commander also advice that in most cases the commercial drivers often take to many load in the booth of their cars and buses so much that it makes it difficult for the vehicle to function well and at the same time it makes it get old on time.
He said the law states that if the load in your booth is too much that the booth cannot be closed the driver of such vehicle is to tie a red flag to the tale of the goods so as to serve as a sign for other vehicles coming behind the loaded open both vehicle to give space.
He also warn the youth to shun the habit of drinking and driving saying most of the crashes that occurs on the major high way are caused by drunk driving he explains that if it is a most to drink they should not drive and if driving is necessary they should not go near any alcoholic drink.
Also he said the law as given a specific speed limit at which commercial driver are not to over speed, stating that most of the commercial vehicles have no speedometer which he says his very risky and deadly urging the drivers to make sure they don’t over speed so as to be in control of the vehicle and not the vehicle controlling them.
The representative of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Chairman Mrs. Itohan Ogbeide, Mr. Usifo who is the vice chairman of the local government begged the officials to trend with care and tender mercies while discharging their duties saying people tends to run away from them immediately they sight  them on the highway because of the way some of them treat the offenders of the law.
Usifo said the drivers should seize the opportunity of the programme to ask questions that they may have had no opportunity to ask them when they see them on the high way, a commended the effort of the sector commander and that of his subordinates for organizing the programme in their local government area.
He urged that the programme should not be a quarterly or an ember month thing saying the need for continuous programme is important because it is one of the means of passing information to commuters and road users on roads maintenance and sustainability of lives on Nigerian roads.
After the lectures he lead the drivers, youth and other people who were present at the event to the road to flag of the sensitization campaign for the year 2014 praying that God will make this years ember month sorrow free for all that will be travelling for various reasons.
Meanwhile the youth wing of the Federal Road Safety Corps has embarked on their community development project.
The members of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps FRSC community development group started their project with the painting of a Zebra crossing project in front of Onwomba Primary School along MM Way was done to avoid accident on the road.
The purpose of the painting was to avoid unwanted events because nine primary  school is close to the road and children are expected to be crossing from their school to their various houses after closing from school.
The president of the group cadet Onya Chukuma said the reason for embarking on the project zebra crossing is to teach motorist and people plying the road on the importance of the zebra crossing on Nigerian roads.
He said most of this drivers are ignorant of the use of the zebra crossing on the road that most of them thinks it is done for the beautification of the road and nothing more.
The NYSC coordinator of the Federal Road Safety community development group Mr. Ekeli Chuks was on ground to monitor the painting so as to ensure efficiency and to ensure the safety of the corps member during the painting.
Also the coordinator of the group from the federal road safety corps DCR Nwankwor Onyenonachi who appreciated the effort of the corps members for putting their hard earned money in a project that will help safe the lives of people in Edo State.
She sincerely appreciate the effort of the corps members most of who are from the out gone Batch C present batch A and B saying she could still not believe that they are taken money out their pockets to achieve a great work like that of the zebra crossing painting.
She commended the effort of the of all those who participated in the zebra crossing praying that God will guide their steps as they continue doing the good job and helping others in their own little way, advising them to be more dedicated to the group as they have stated very well.
DRC Nwankwor told the corps members that roads safety community developments group is one of the community development group that the people expects so much from because the people see them as a respected group that people recon with in terms of being dedicated to helping the community.
She promised to support the group in all ways she can adding that the (FRSC) will do all that they can to help their youth arm of the agency to contribute their quota to in helping to ensure safety for the lives of motorist and people plying the road.
In the same vain the same federal road safety corps (FRSC) National Youth Service Corps community development group have erected a road safety caution bill board along AGIP UBE Road to caution drivers not to drink and drive, not to receive calls while driving and usage of seat belt while driving.
The corps members erected it in continuation of their project to develop the various community they have been posted to so as to make the people feel their impact while they serve their fathers land.
The presents president of the club says they will not stop the good work until they are done with their service year, pledging that they still have loads of projects to be done before the year runs out that the people of Oredo local government should continue to support and pray for them.