Nigeria as a nation has continued to develop in a very slow pace and the return to democracy on May 29th 1999 has not really improved the state of the nation as the people’s representatives over the years have made issues worse through bad leadership style that has not brought the desired benefit to the country and her citizens.
The nation has been at the mercy of these leaders who selfishly pilot the affairs of the nation to benefit themselves, families and friends to the detriment of other citizens who entrusted them with their mandates to better their lives but instead, they make life unbearable for the people they sworn to serve.
Democracy is all about the people, their needs, desires and how to satisfy them with effective representation that will translate to good governance. This good governance can only be achievable when those that have the love of the people at heart are given the opportunities to lead.
Men with unquestionable characters, whose track records are verifiable and are ready to serve the people as servants not leaders. We all can not be leaders at the same time but have a few people representing us and it’s only when we are well represented that we will get the dividends of democracy.
Talking about the dividends of democracy, a responsible government piloted by responsible and effective leaders focus more on the wellbeing and welfare of the people as such embarked on people’s oriented projects that will improve the standard of living of the electorate.
It is time to decide again. It is time to elect those that will pilot the affairs of the nation for the next four years. Some big questions that are begging for answers are; who will you give your mandate to in this forth coming general election? Is that person trusted? Are you sure of a brighter future with that person?
A lot of candidates are all out in the political stage of Nigeria politics to ask for the peoples mandate as the country gradually gets closer to the reschedule 2015 general election now slated to take place on March 28 and April 11.
Chief Edughele Festus Igbelokoto, the Uwagbale of Ubiajo, the former General Manager of Rapid Response Agency (EDRRA), former member of staff of the Federal capital Development Authority (FCDA) is also one of the numerous candidates wooing the people for their mandate to represent them in the most effective and dynamic way that will bring a lasting impression in their lives as a people.
Chief Edughele who was once a Rotary President and past Assistant District Governor said the people of Esan South East can trust him with their mandates to represent them in the Edo State House of Assembly saying as a Rotarian he has worked with people and touched their lives through various means. He said he joined politics not to make money but to touch and transform the lives of his people who he said have been in leadership captivity for so long due to the leaders representing them in government. He said Abuja is the right place to make money but left Abuja to Edo state to serve his people wholeheartedly “Our people have been short changed for so long by those they entrusted with their mandates but sold out without any regard to the people. I am here to contest under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) to give our people effective representation that has been missing in the constituency. I will impact on their lives positively through empowerment of youths and women especially the vulnerable ones in our society. I will do this through a synergy with the Executives and those that matters in the society, using what I have to get what I want for my people”.
Speaking further he said the people of Esan South East work so hard but got nothing in return in terms of dividends of democracy because those who represent them careless about them adding that he will correct this error and do all I can to ensure the standard of living of the people improved. “When I get to office, I will open a communication channel through which the people will easily access me. I will not be far from them. I will be in touch with them through a constituency office which I will open. I will engage the people and inform them of all my activities through regular town hall meetings, this will ensure they are always carried along in the entire process. I will be accountable to them and never be powerful more than the people. Will educate them and let them know they have the power to hire and fire any bad leader representing them in government.
“Candidates have various reasons why they go into politics but for me my primary reason for going into politics is primarily to give hope to the hopeless, and voice to the voiceless by attracting projects and programmes that would impact positively on the lives of the people. Politics should be all about good service delivery not self aggrandizement.
“I have successfully campaigned throughout the 100 units in the constituency; I have seen the suffering of my people and I am ready more than ever to rescue them from bad representation of the past years. I want them to know I am accessible, accountable and trusted to ensure good life for them and they will not have any reason to regret giving me their mandates. I want them to know that politics is all about empowerment and I am in this race to empower my people and give them a means of livelihood. I will address unemployment issues in the area and ensure our people are useful not only to themselves and families but the nation as well. I will empower the youths and women who will in turn become employers of labour; this will enable us not to depend on government for employment. The empowerment and employment will be distributed evenly across all the units in the constituency, their will certainly not be prefential treatment in my leadership. The empowerment will be in the areas of farming and industrialisation. How to tackle unemployment is not a problem to me for I have addressed such as the GM of Rapid Response Agency in the state.
“As a politician/philanthropist, I have provided succour  in 2013 to victims of flood in Illushi; I also provided roofing sheets to victims of fire disaster all in Esan South East in Edo State.
On the chances of the disabled citizens in his constituency to get a better life and benefit from the system, Chief Edughele said he is a man that does not discriminate against people living with disabilities but believe in their abilities and potentials to contribute to the development in the society as such they have been put in his leadership plans. “During my campaign in the area, I distributed walking tools like wheel chairs that I imported from England to assist the disabled in the society. They will benefits from my representation and will be given equal opportunities and treated like their able counterparts in the society.
Healthcare is another major challenge facing the people of Esan South East as such Chief Edughele said he will focus on primary healthcare that will benefit the entire constituency. “I intend to set up a mobile clinic and will be focusing on sickle cell disease and all those suffering from this disease will certainly get respite from such a project in the constituency”.
Speaking on the campaign strategy that should be employed by politicians and political parties for the 2015 general election, the Uwagbale of Ubiaja said it should be a campaign that is issue based but from what we are seeing some people have engaged in character assassination and campaign of bitterness which is not good for politics. “We should be telling our people what we will do or what we have done and why they should trust us with their mandate. In my campaign I focused on issues rather than insulting my opponent. Debate is another aspect for us to tell the electorate why they must vote for us. I have challenged my opponent Hon. Festus Ebeha to a television debate but he has been running away because he does not have the capacity to debate on issues, this is not good for democracy”.
“The postponement of this election is another opportunity for us to strategise, synergise and re-plan on how to woo more people to ourselves to enable us win the election. It is a period to look inward and re-assess our campaign and performance so far and plan on how to utilise the remaining resources at our disposer. I equally call on the federal government to find a way to compensate stakeholders in the election who will be affected one way or the other due to the postponement because for every action there should be cost implication. The postponement is biting hard on stakeholders and those involved in the elections, he concluded.