THE Nigeria Baseball and Softball Association (NBSA) said on Monday that Nigeria was preparing well to participate in baseball and softball, if they were featured at the 2020 Olympics.
The President of the association, Mr Victor Fingesi told newsmen in Lagos that Nigeria had many talents that could perform creditably in the two events at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
“Well, in 2020 Olympics we are expecting that baseball and softball will get back on the Olympics, and as soon as that happens, Nigeria will start getting ready to have baseballers and softballers to represent Nigeria in the Olympics.
“First and foremost let’s not forget that Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa; with the population here I can assure you that there are more baseballers and softballers in this country than anywhere else.
“Having said that they have to be properly trained to properly represent Nigeria.“
The game of Baseball and Softball was earlier removed from the itinerary of the Olympic Games after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the International Olympics Committee Agenda 2020 is expected to say whether or not Baseball and Softball will return to the Olympics.