worshipTHE Book of Life shows the names of all creatures who have come to life and nothing else. But the inscribed pages belonging to the great book of life, which show the for and against of every single thought and every single deed of the individual are the souls themselves upon whom has been imprinted all that they have experienced or done in the course of their existence (Abd-ru-shin).
The judge can clearly read therein and the for and against. But again you also picture the reading wrongly. This too is much simpler than you try to imagine.
The judge does not order each soul to step separately before him, before his judgment seat, but in the name of God he sends his sword-thrusts into the universe Abd-ru-shin says the sword thrusts are radiations which go forth and strike everything in creation.
Realise the great simplicity and amazing naturalness. The judge does not send the rays consciously or intentionally to this one or that one, no he simply sends them out at Gods Holy Command, nothing else, but his All Holy will could operate in this way.
Thus these radiation thrusts or radiations penetrate all creation, but in such force as they have never before. Nothing can hide from the effect. And thus, in the law of the working of creation, the ray of divine power also, strikes every soul at the appointed hour.
When the Divine Ray, which is completely invisible to the human soul, falls upon it, every thing that still clings to it must revive and also, become manifest, active, thereby enabling the last link in the cycle to be closed, either pressing the soul down or raiseing it up.
Whatever of wrong or evil such a soul in the caurse of its existence according to the laws of creature is obliterate and in such away as if, it had never been, thus, it no longer clings to the soul it is then, no longer imprinted upon it. The soul is freed from it and pure and therefore, can suffer no harm from it.
Only that which has not yet come to the closing of its cycle and therefore, still clings to and is connected with the soul, is forthwith as it comes to lift, it reveals itself as it attempts to become active and in so doing also, receives the blow I deserves.
The actual blows depend entirely on the strength of the individual volition which, being released in the reciprocal action, is directed against the soul as the point of origin. Everything, be it good or evil is now strengthened by the irresistible pressure of the light and thrust back to the starting point to the soul.
And everything which otherwise, in the cumbersome movement of the condensed, hardened environment of all the human souls on earth, might still has required many thousands of years to close the cycle, is now, through the power of the blows from the light, compressed into a few months in the impetus that is unexpected by mankind (Abd-ru-shin).
Such is the manifestation of the world judgment in its simple naturalness. This time it is the “last judgment”, so often proclaimed to you. But its manifestations are entirely different from what you thought what was formerly proclaimed to you was given in pictures because, you would not otherwise, have understood it all.
By means of the Grail message, however, your knowledge of the working in creation goes further and therefore, more and more can be revealed to you, for to say you are already able to understand it through the message.
The sward-thrusts of the judgment day strike as strong light radiations into creation and flow through all the channels that have already been formed through the automatic working of the Divine laws in creation, which are based on all the intuitive perceptions, thoughts volitions and also, actions of men as starting – points.
Abd-ru-shin says the judging rays are therefore, guided with infallible certainty through these existing channels to all souls concerned but in such an accelerated way that their whole existence, is brought to the final closing of the cycle of all past activities within a few months and in exact accordance with their actual condition, these souls will be uplifted or cast down, animated and strengthened or destroyed.
Such is the judgment. Today you are able through the message to understand the process thus, described. Formerly you could not have grasped it and therefore, everything had to be revealed in simple pictures which correspond more or less to the operation of the process.
And these blows of the last judgement are already on their way to you, to each one in creation no matter whether he is with or without his physical body. The first blows have already reached your according to Abd-ru-shin and everything that still clings to your souls is revived.
But also, the final blows bringing destruction or upliftment have been sent out with an all-over-whelming severity to complete the purification upon this earth. Already according to Abd-ru-shin they are rushing towards mankind and nothing can check them anywhere. At the exact hour appointed by God, mankind will be inexorably but justly struck by them.
Abd-ru-shin asks us to learn to recognise our path in creation and also to know our purpose of existence. Then, we will be filled with grateful rejoicing and the greatest happiness a human spirit is able to bear, which lies soledy in the recognition of God.
According to Abd-ru-shin the author of grail message you earthmen are in this creation to find supreme happiness. In the living language which God speaks to you. And to understand this language, to learn it and to sense inwardly the will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through creation in creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the purpose of your existence and at the same time also, the recognition of your goal. In no other way can you find either.
You belong to this creation as a part of it and therefore, you must swing with it, work in it and mature in learning from it and thus, through gaining in understanding you must rise ever higher, from one step to the next, drawing along through the radiation in order to ennoble everything that comes in contact with you on your way.
Just imagine a child on earth who cannot understand his father or mother because he has never learned the language they speak to him. Indeed, what is to become of such a child?
He also not even know what is expected of him and will thus fall into one difficulty after the other, draw upon himself one sorrow after another and probably and up utterly useless for any purpose or enjoyment on earth.
If he is to amount to anything, must not every child personally, learn the language of his parents for himself. Nobody can do it for him otherwise, he would never adjust himself,n nor would he ever be able to mature and work on earth but he would be segregated to prevent him from causing harm. You have of course inescapably to fulfil such a duty of the child towards your God, whose language you must learn to understand as soon as you desire his help.
Peace and joy.