BENIN CITY – Governor Adams Oshiomhole has been commended for being the messiah of Edo State due to his unprecedented physical and visible development.
Speaking with the Nigerian Observer Mrs. Maureen Eradajeye-Igho Executive Director, Edo State Rapid Response Agency stated that the forthcoming elections in Edo State will be a walk over for the APC as the state is not for sale to the PDP due to the developmental strides of the Comrade Governor.
Throwing more light on this, she stated that the governor had saved Edo State from total dilapidation through the development of the Education and agricultural sectors as well as massive road Construction and development. According to her, it is an indication that the APC government has come to stay in Edo State.
Mrs. Eradajaye-Igho noted that the good works of the government has started campaigning for the party and advised the people to evaluate the records of the APC and PDP governments to know which camp they should pitch their tents.
She also added that the governor gave sewing and grinding machine and even money to empower women in the grassroots while schools have been given a face-lift with fans and comfortable chairs in classrooms.
The Executive Director stressed that there was need to sustain these developments through continuity which will allow the dividends of democracy to touch the lives of every Edo State citizen.
Mrs. Maureen Eradajaye-Igho was also of the view that decampees from the PDP to APC will add value to the party and even help in taking the state to the threshold of development.
She disclosed that for the first time in Edo State, people have realized that the funds which come from the federal government can be used to develop the state. Aside roads, people now have walkways and side drains; the SEEFOR is sweeping our roads. There are too many unique things happening in this state, “she stated.
The developments brought about by the APC are real, they are not a mirage she said. And however encourage women to come into politics and helps transform society with their God-given maternal instincts which helps them to empathize with people and shine the light even in dark times for when you want to be up there you have to start from down here and familiarize yourself with your people” she voted.