DIVORCE as we all know is the act of legally dissolving a marriage. This occurs when both husband and wife are having problems. The problem could be anything. It could be lack of trust between the couples.
Let’s take for instance the case of a man who is married with five children cheating on his wife. The woman found out and also, the children. One day the wife confronted her husband concerning the issue but the husband said nothing of such is happening and he could never do a thing like that.
One day when they had closed from church in the evening the man and his family left church together but on their way going home, they parted ways because the man said he was on night duty at work. When he was going his newly found love was waiting somewhere for him and he met her up and they left together. He went with her to her house and from there he went to work. His wife has seen that.
The next morning he came back. The wife greeted him and acted as if nothing had happened. But the man was having guilty conscience so he didn’t reply the greetings well. As time goes on, things began to change negatively in the house. The husband no longer spent time with his family. This infuriated both the wife and the children.
All of a sudden, the man stopped eating in the house. He now eats from the concubine he has outside. The wife was not pleased with this. He now gets angry over every little thing.
The wife could no-longer take this. She went to the other woman and talked to her because she felt as a woman, they would understand themselves. But the other woman took it as an offence. Later that evening the concubine called the man on phone that his wife came to her place to create a scene. That she came to fight her and she disgraced and insulted her. The man waited for his wife to come back from market and when she returned, the man without listening to her own part of what had happened pounced on the wife and started beating her.
For the sake of her marriage and the sake of the children, the wife went to meet her husband and pleaded with him even though she wasn’t wrong. The man then said that before he would forgive her, she must pay a sum of money to him so that he could buy drinks and appeal to his concubine. He asked the woman to pay the sum of thirty thousand naira (N30, 000). She paid and the husband told her to go and beg his concubine which she did for the sake of her children.
As time goes on, trouble begins to arise in the family. The man no longer gives the woman a reasonable amount of money to take care of the home. Everything started getting worst. He told his wife to pay another money but at this time, fifty thousand naira (N50, 000). She refused to pay because there was no way she could get that amount of money before the deadline he has given her. He gave her a week to pay the money. When he had seen that she couldn’t pay the money he went to court and took charges against her. He said he wants a divorce. That was how he divorced her.
After the divorce, he was taking care of the children, giving them money for everything they need. But he decided to get another woman and marry her. After spending much money on her, they didn’t get married.
He went for another one. But when this one came, things changed entirely for the children. She stopped him from giving them money. He even stopped paying their school fees. This woman tore the home apart.
At times, she beats the children and says she has not started yet and that the worst part of her is yet to come. She told the man to throw the children out of the house and they should go and live with their mother, the children refuse to leave. The man arrest the elder ones because of that and the police were in support of him because he has bribed them. The father also gave one of the elder sons to army to flog,  he rejected all the children for his sake of that woman.
As God will have it, one of the elder sons got admission into the university to study medical biochemistry and he graduated with a very good result. The father was so ashamed of himself because he did not contribute a penny to his education.
As time passes by, the rest four went to school, one studied marine engineering, another one did accounting that was how the mother trained all of them into higher institutions.
After all the struggles, all the children graduated and are all working in better places. The mother is now enjoying the fruit of her labour. And now the father wants to claim the children back. He will point out to some people saying that’s my son or that is my daughter. Though he was feeling too pompous to ask for forgiveness so he sent people to go for him.
His brother who advised him to do all these things died of diabetes and at that time, hospitals were on strike.
Even the woman the man got married is now giving him problems. She won’t cook, wash his clothes, wash plates or do anything in the house. She only eats and sleeps. The man got tired of all these and he  threw her things out one day telling her that he doesn’t need her anymore.
He then went  to beg his wife and children for forgiveness.
This is to inform all those men and women who feel that divorce is the solution to their marital problems that divorce is not really going to help matters for you and your partner. Not even your child (if you’ve got any) or children. Because children are the ones who suffer it the most in a divorce home.
Parents should think carefully before embarking on a journey to divorce.